5 Alarm Liar

Spike Dolomite
4 min readNov 12, 2020

Another reckless government official who attended the election night super spreader event at the White House event has tested positive for the coronavirus — White House political director Brian Jack. Another West Wing aide has tested positive, too.

We’re up to 144,000 new cases of the coronavirus in one day — another new record.

The virus is so out of control in Wisconsin that doctors will now have to choose who will live and who will die. Nursing homes are asking family members of parents and grandparents to fill in because they’re short staffed. Meanwhile Trump, the Republicans, and MAGAs continue to deny that they can even hear the 5 alarm bells bursting their eardrums.

South Dakota is the hardest hit state with a 53.97% positivity rate!! Who could have ever seen that coming? EVERYBODY. Their rookie white nationalist governor Kristi Noem is a scumbag power hungry Trump loving Republican who poo-pooed the seriousness of the pandemic from the onset. Back in April she took every opportunity that came her way to get on TV to say everything was fine even though 400 pork plant workers had tested positive. On July 4th she let Trump loose to do a made for TV MAGA rally at Mt. Rushmore and then hosted Junior and his infected girlfriend, Kimberly at an intimate event where people weren’t wearing masks. Her state has consistently had one of the worst infection rates that has nearly doubled since July. She’s a big believer in Trump’s hydroxychloroquine remedy and used $5 million in covid relief funds for ads to lure tourists to her state. The tourists that did come to her state for the annual biker trek to Sturgis in August spread the disease throughout the country after bikers defiantly refused to wear masks, partied for a week and then rode back home where they infected their communities, compliments of Kristi Noem. She refuses to listen to scientists and doctors, referring to them as “elitist experts” and will not mandate masks. She’s got blood on her hands.

Governors are back to having to compete with one another for scarce gear and resources as the dead pile up in refrigerator trucks.

Trump hasn’t said a word about the crisis surge and more Americans dying. He’s a sadist. He hasn’t said a single word in public about anything since he lost. It’s been 6 days. As usual, he’s doing nothing but watching TV and tweeting.

“Hate watching cable news is no excuse to skip President-ing during a pandemic. Why fight so hard to keep the job if you aren’t going to bother to do it?” — CNN anchorman John Berman

Jared and Ivanka’s kids got kicked out of their private Jewish school because their parents refused to comply with CDC guidelines for the coronavirus.

Trump made an appearance at Arlington Cemetery for Veteran’s Day without opening his fat ugly lying mouth. Respect for our fallen soldiers at long last.

Republicans had the nerve to wish veterans a happy Veterans Day.

People are sick. People are dying. People have lost their jobs and homes. Mitch McConnell doesn’t plan on doing a damn thing about any of that. He’s busy trying to get 2 Republicans elected to the Senate who are CRIMINALS — rich white politicians guilty of insider trading.

The quest to call fowl on the election results continues on with the courts throwing Trump’s suits out as fast as they’re filed. The Republicans are still soothing Trump’s ego by refusing to acknowledge that Joe Biden is the next president-elect which is very, very dangerous and is more proof of how little they care about serving the country.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is offering $1 million from his campaign funds for evidence of voter fraud so basically he’s bribing Texans to lie.

Mississippi Republican state legislator, Price Wallace, called for his state to succeed from the union since Biden won. Mississippi doesn’t succeed at anything but OK.

When Fox and Friends asked whether Joe Biden will receive access to intelligence briefings, Press Secretary Barbie Kayleigh McEnany said, “That would be a question more for the White House.” She is the White House. She’s a full time employee of the federal government and her 6 figure salary is paid for with tax payers but she’s clearly working for the Trump campaign and only talking to Fox “News.”

69 days until the inauguration.

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