A convicted felon in Texas sitting on his butt at home on house arrest turned a doctor in for performing an abortion and wants his money. Greg Abbott’s $10,000 bounty is about to be put to the constitutional test. It’s headed for court.

Next up at the Supreme Court: Mississippi’s anti-abortion law. It’s no mystery how this is going to turn out since Republican Jesus is in control of the highest court in the land.

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota says she is introducing a bill to bring back prayer to public schools. Doesn’t matter what religion all of…

Where was he radicalized?

MAGAs threw a “Justice for J6” rally in DC this weekend to make martyrs out of the lunatics that are sitting in jail now after storming the capitol, attacking law enforcement, and threatening to murder members of Congress on January 6. Hardly anyone showed up — just a few hundred. There were more cops than red hats. The QAnon’s Shaman’s little buddy was there, standing on the sidwealk singing a song he wrote for Ashli Babbitt wearing a dead fox on his head. Fox News barely mentioned it. …

The Civil War never really ended. Abraham Lincoln didn’t end slavery and Martin Luther King didn’t end racism. It’s not over.

Republicans are upholding white supremacy by placating racist voters, looking the other way when white supremacist domestic terrorists attack, gerrymandering districts, defending the filibuster, making laws that keep people of color from voting, and propping Trump up to make him and his cult followers think he’s Robert E. Lee.

The attack on the Capitol on January 6 was a declaration of war. White supremacists are out and proud now and they’re not going anywhere, led by Robert E. Trump.

1 in 500 Americans have died from covid and the Republicans are acting as if it’s just the common cold because their voters still believe it’s just the common cold.

Tennessee has taken the lead for the most covid cases — 1 out of 80 people are sick.

Hospitals in Alaska are having to ration care. Doctors are begging Alaskans to get their shit together.

Morality question: Now that we’re having to ration care because the public health crisis has become a pandemic of the unvaccinated and hospitals are again at capacity, who should be turned away? People who have…

Governor Gavin Newsom of California has not been recalled. 6 million Californians have told Republicans to go fuck themselves so far (9 million votes have been counted with 65% of precincts reporting.) He won in a landslide — 2–1. 30% voted yes — the same amount of MAGA crazies and unvaccinated conspiracy theorists Americans are stuck with that live across the country. In Newsom’s victory speech he called the Republicans out for wasting time and money with this stunt punt so they could cry foul by claiming election fraud when they lost. He warned, “Trumpism is not dead in this…

It’s duck hunting season in American politics and everybody is packing. Grab your luger, line up your ducks and boom! Blow those suckers away!

Duck and cover!

The California recall election is today. We won’t know until tonight if the Republicans will be successful with their 6th attempt in 3 years to recall a Democratic governor in a deep blue state but Trump is sure that the election has been rigged. The GOP favorite, Black Trump Larry Elder and right wing radio host with a large MAGA following and zero government experience, has already called the election for Newsom and…

George W. Bush spoke at a memorial service in New York to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of 9/11. He called out domestic terrorism and acknowledged the contrast from how united we were back then when the attack on our country was done by foreigners, opposed to how divided we are now when the attack has come from within. He went there. It had to be said and he said it. The Bidens, Obamas and Clintons were there. The Trumps weren’t. Trump was in town but he blew it off. …

We’re back up to 1,500 people dying from covid every day BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SELFISH STUPID ASSHOLES AND WON’T GET VACCINATED!

“Don’t Question” “Stay Asleep” “Don’t Think” “Just Obey”

“Get vaccinated get vaccinated get vaccinated get vaccinated.”

President Biden has had it with these people because they’re getting other people sick. He went on TV and said enough is enough. He called out the 25% of population who refuse to get vaccinated by saying that they are endangering everyone and we’re running out of patience with them. Their refusal to do their part to get the pandemic under control has…

The Biden administration is going to sue Texas over its new abortion ban even though Joe Biden is a Catholic and personally against abortion. He isn’t letting his personal beliefs interfere with his job like the Supreme Court justices are doing. This is insane.

Supreme Court fun fact: Republicans may have been successful in getting 3 radical conservative justices appointed to the highest court under Trump, but anti-abortion justice Samuel Alito holds the record for being pro-no choice for the longest. He has opposed Roe v Wade for 3 decades but has always been outnumbered until now. That’s insane.


Anybody in any state can sue somebody who gets an abortion in Texas. The abortionee has to pay the abortion bounty hunter $10,000 plus attorney fees. There aren’t any penalties if the bounty hunter is wrong. The law was designed so that nobody can sue the state of Texas or Greg Abbott. It’s all done through civil suits. The last time citizens were deputized by the government to work on its behalf for cash was before the Civil War when people hunted down slaves who escaped and returned them to their owners.

Florida’s former GOP Speaker of the House went…

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