Accountability? Not in America

Spike Dolomite
5 min readJun 1, 2022


If there ever was a perfect example of why we should “defund the police” and ban assault weapons, it’s Uvalde. The cops were outfitted with state of the art military style weapons and toys in this itty bitty town and they totally fucked up when they were called upon to be real life cops. Spending all that money was not only a waste of tax dollars, but it got the cops so pumped up in their own minds that they lost touch with reality. When real life hit them they pissed their pants and let children they know be murdered.

There was one hero, though. A dad. Jacob Albarado, an off duty border patrol officer who was getting his hair cut at the barber before going over to see his daughter get an award at Robb Elementary. He got a text from his wife who was a teacher at the school saying there was an active shooter. He wasted no time. He grabbed the barber’s shotgun and headed over to the school before the cop chaos started and took charge. He not only got his daughter and wife out, he got 200 kids out as well. All the other law enforcement were useless.

The Uvalde Police Department and school district police are no longer cooperating with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s probe into the shooting and now the cops are blaming a teacher for leaving the door open. Pete Arrendondo, the Uvalde police commander who told officers NOT to enter the classroom for 78 minutes while the gunman was still shooting and kids were bleeding out, was secretly sworn in last night as a Uvalde City Council member.

16 of the 20 most deadly mass shootings in modern history occurred in the last 20 years after the assault weapons ban expired. The number of people killed annually in mass shootings in America is now double what it was in the 2000s.

Defund the police and reinstate the assault rifle ban. We had the assault weapon ban for 10 years from 1994–2004 and that didn’t render citizens powerless. People kept their other guns and continued to buy new ones, just not assault rifles. The ban was not an attack on overall gun ownership. 11 million AR-15s are in circulation today, 11 million too many. Nobody needs that kind of gun lying around the house.

Canada has seen enough. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proactively put the kibosh on any copy cat fantasies their own MAGA inspired gun nuts might be entertaining. “It will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer, or import handguns anywhere in Canada.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is pushing a baseless conspiracy theory about the Texas shooter, saying he was a cross dresser who wore eye liner. She also said that Bill Gates wants us all to eat fake meat that he grows in a “peach tree dish.”

A gun nut in Missouri went into a small market open carrying his big ol’ AR-15 and was robbed at gunpoint of his rifle. He went to his car to retrieve another gun. A shoot-out ensued and 2 people minding their own business were injured. The robber was shot, the “victim” took off, and another gun nut showed up and shot the robber again.

Herschel Walker is mad at Trump because he says he’s trying to take credit for him running for Senate when it was God who asked him to run for office.

Ohio Republican Senate nominee JD Vance has called for a total ban on porn. He says porn is responsible for mass shootings, along with abortion. He previously declared porn “a public health crisis.”

Former Trump aide Peter Navarro says he has been served with a subpoena by the grand jury related to the attack on the Capitol. DOJ is asking for records of “any communications” with Trump related to the attack. He has not hired an attorney and is representing himself. He wrote an 88 page complaint fighting the subpoena. He’s already defied a congressional subpoena and has been held in contempt. If he does that with the DOJ he’ll be dragged by federal agents into court.

The DOJ has subpoenaed players in Georgia and Michigan about their role in communicating with the Trump campaign before the insurrection. The investigation is finally moving up from the idiot MAGAs at the bottom who were stupid enough to charge the Capitol because Trump told them to to people who told Trump what to do.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis has subpoenaed people who agreed to be Trump’s electors in Georgia but dropped out. The case extends far beyond Trump’s call to Raffensberger to include people who were part of the planning. People will start appearing before the grand jury today. Streets have been closed and members of the DA’s staff have been outfitted with bullet proof vests because because of death threats.

Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan say they won’t comply with the subpoenas from the Select Committee unless certain conditions are met. Scott Perry and Mo Brooks say they won’t comply at all.

A judge ruled that Trump must testify under oath in a civil investigation.

A whole lot of bad guys with guns want people to believe they’re the good guys with guns without taking any responsibility for the devastation they’ve caused, even murder.

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” — Winston Churchill

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