All for Show

Facebook has changed its name to Meta. Tagline — “Meta, the American idiot enhancer formerly known as Facebook.” They don’t plan on changing anything about how they do things, this is all for show.

There once was a hacker named Zuck
Who screwed half the world for a buck
People hoped he’d do betta
So the name changed to Meta
But the name and the product still suck

— Roger McNamee

Attorney General Merrick Garland got yelled at by Republicans for 4 hours in a Senate committee hearing for taking threats made by Meta MAGAs against school boards, teachers and principals seriously. Some, like Tom Cotton, pounded their chests and projected loud enough for the people in the cheap seats to hear, “You sir are a disgrace and must resign!” All for show, as usual.

Republicans made a scene over Merrick Garland doing his job after NEVER doing anything to remove former AG Bill Barr for not doing his job. He lied to the public about the Mueller Report, interfered and stopped Trump related cases with the SDNY, blew off congressional hearings, intervened with the Roger Stone case to keep him out of jail (“Do you think it is fair for a 67 year old man to be sent to prison for 7 to 9 years?” Um, there were 4,465 people over the age of 65 in federal prisons at the time,) and went along with all of Trump’s side shows to keep the public and media in a constant state of chaos. 20 prosecutors called on him to resign. The NYC Bar Association sent Congress a letter, saying they questioned his ethical fitness for office. Adam Schiff referred to him as the “second most dangerous man in the country.” Bill Barr poured acid on the rule of law and corroded the DOJ and the Republicans pretended like they didn’t smell anything and let him go on serving as Trump’s mob attorney.

Meta MAGAs are reading stuff on online and listening to Fox News and then getting all worked up about their freedom and liberties being taken away and then rushing to places like school board meetings to put on a show. They’re making over the top serious threats like the guy who showed up for an event with Republican Charlie Kirk, who got up to the microphone and yelled, “This is tyranny! When do we get to use the guns!” The crowd went crazy. He had no regrets about his performance because he knew that in a couple of hours he would turn on Tucker Carlson and he would tell him he was right. You’re a star!

Tucker Carlson released a trailer of a 3 part series that he is putting out that retells the story of the attack on the Capitol as an act of patriotism. It’s called, “The Patriot Purge.” The show will run on Fox and is designed to get his viewers to storm the stage again with more violence.

Guys like Charlie Kirk and Tucker Carlson have led the Meta MAGAs to the cliff but they’re not going to jump with them. It’s all a big act. Normal people don’t get it. What’s with the show?

“How much of the performance has now become reality?” — Mike Nichols

Speaking of really bad political performance art, Mitt Romney and Kyrsten Sinema posted a really bad video of them parodying Ted Lasso but their little show bombed. It got nothing but bad reviews. Making a mockery out of the US Senate just as Biden was making a speech asking people to trust Sinema was a big flop. They got booed and Mitt got in trouble when he got home for dressing up and making a video with a woman who was not his wife.

Mitt Romney said if you make billionaires pay taxes they’ll just turn around and invest in ranches and fine art to get out of paying taxes. That’s a lot of Green Virtual Acres (with government farm subsidies no doubt) and Picassos that nobody will ever see.

A judge ripped a prosecutor a new one for calling January 6 an “offense unparalleled in American history” and “an attack on the rule of law” but then recommended a time out instead of a spanking for his client. He got caught up in the excitement and was just trying to show off for his Meta MAGA friends. Judges are getting pissed off that prosecutors are asking them to go light on domestic terrorists. After these low level offenders are dealt with, it’s on to the next level where many of them will still get light sentences — if they show and tell. If they say how they found out about the Stop the Steal Rally and name names, the judge could go easy on them.

Jeffrey Clark is supposed to testify before Congress today but he’s going to be a no show.

On with the shit show.

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