America Has Been Shot

Spike Dolomite
5 min readMar 24, 2021

President Biden addressed the nation on TV and called on Congress to pass “common sense gun laws” including background checks for all gun purchases, a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and an end to immunity for gun manufacturers.

The Senate already had a hearing scheduled about guns before the Boulder shooting and Ted Cruz used his time to make a total and complete ass of himself (as usual) by accusing the Democrats of using mass shootings as an excuse to take everybody’s guns away. He pretended to be insulted by the Democrats’ saying that they’re tired of platitudes. To make them look like Godless heathens he said (with conviction), “I don’t apologize for thoughts and prayers! The contempt for Democrats for prayers is an odd sociological thing.” He left the hearing early to go do a Fox interview where he wasn’t asked to comment about the hearing he was just in and why.

At the same hearing, Republiqan John Kennedy downplayed the gun problem by saying, on the record, that “we have a lot of drunk drivers in America that kill a lot of people. We ought to try to combat that too … the answer is not to get rid of all sober drivers.”

Senate Republiqans are blaming Black Lives Matter and “defund the police” for gun violence in America.

Republiqan hypocrite fun fact: Republiqans behave as if Democrats are anti-gun. Lots of Democrats own guns. They just don’t wave them around in public or cling to them like a blow up doll.

90% of the population has been in favor of legislating access to guns for people who shouldn’t have them and they have been since Columbine yet nothing, NOTHING, has been done in Congress about it and for only one reason — Republiqans and the NRA. That’s it. Republiqans don’t represent their constituencies, they represent special interests and the NRA.

Don’t shoot me — I’m just the legislator.

The Republiqans have been aided by Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat with a D rating from the NRA, who won’t budge on even the simplest gun reform, just like what he’s doing with the filibuster now. Joe Manchin is to the right of some House Republicans on background checks. He’s got blood on his hands.

Joe Biden led Obama’s gun reform task force after Sandy Hook. He worked really hard on it but couldn’t get anywhere because the Republiqans wouldn’t take any action at all, not even after blonde haired blue eyed babies were slaughtered at school.

70% of NRA members supported universal background checks after Sandy Hook. But that was just the dues paying members. The NRA organization itself, the entity that took their money, pushed for more gun sales and guns in the schools.

How did the NRA respond to the Boulder shooting? It posted a copy of the second amendment on social media.

There were 7 mass shootings in the past week where 4 or more people were shot but we didn’t hear about them because people didn’t die.

President Biden ordered flags flown at half staff at the White House in honor of the Boulder shooting victims. The flag was still flying at half staff for the victims of the Atlanta shooting.

The Boulder shooting suspect is a 21 year old male from a neighboring city and was born 3 days before the Columbine shooting. He’s been charged with 10 counts of murder. He’s got a middle eastern name so watch Fox News give this story wall to wall coverage if he turns out to be a Muslim.

Governor Jared Polis of Colorado said they will prosecute the “evildoer” to the fullest extent of the law. The full extent of the law allowed the evildoer to get an AR-15 and go hunt humans at the grocery store because he was having a bad day, bullied as a kid, or mentally ill. Whatever. He had an AR-15.

There are 2 million AR-15s sitting in people’s houses throughout the country. That’s 2 million too many. The only thing that thing is made for is killing a lot of people all at once. It’s not a party favor.

The Boulder City Council voted for its own assault weapons ban after the Parkland shooting because the state and federal governments failed to do it. One of the advocates who helped make it happen was a member of Moms Demand Action, Rachel Friend, who pushed really hard for the council to take up the ban on assault weapons. She is now on the city council. As she pressed on from the outside, so did the NRA and other gun nut groups. They sent in armed groups from outside of Boulder and even the state to intimidate city council members, her and her group, and the general community by walking around with guns before the city council voted. They packed the room and halls during the meeting to intimidate and scare council members but they failed. The Boulder City Council took on the state and federal governments, and the NRA and won. Then a judge overturned their law and they lost 10 members of their community and their peace of mind.

The pressure must be immense for Biden. He’s in the midst of straightening out the Trump Plague, 2 high profile mass shootings demand legislative action on gun control, the border is closing in on him, the postal service is still in crisis, and voter suppression and racism won’t wait.

America has been shot by its own gun.

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