Steve Bannon went on a rehearsed rant outside of the courthouse, calling upon his podcast audience to avenge his unlawful arrest. I’m a political prisoner! Keep your eye on the ball! Take down the Biden regime! They took on the wrong guy this time! Joe Biden ordered Garland to prosecute me! Nancy Pelosi has taken on Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, she should ask Hillary Clinton how that turned out! (Translation — send money to the Save Steve Bannon fund.)

Let’s go Bannon!

“Steve Bannon has been to jail before so he does know what to pack.” — Molly Jong Fast

Steve Bannon is using his arrest to milk suckers who listen to him out of their money just like he did with the Build the Wall fund which he was indicted and got pardoned for. He’s blatantly grifting his audience while being arrested again. How dumb do you have to be?

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in two shirts and a quarter inch of dead skin cells” — some guy on Twitter

Christian radio host Doc Gallagher got 3 life prison terms for bilking elderly listeners out of millions of dollars. Steve Bannon got pardoned.

Alex Jones was found guilty by default in all 5 of the Sandy Hook defamation cases. It’s pay up time for the griftiest of all grifters. He called the mass murder of 6 year olds at school a hoax and people still listen to him. How dumb do you have to be?

Reverend Jesse Jackson attended the Ahmaud Arbery trial just like anybody who wants to witness the trial is legally allowed to do. The racist defense took offense and said the quiet part out loud again. Attorney Kevin Gough said, “How many Black pastors does the Ahmaud Arbery family have?”

Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense attorney, Mark Richards, justified the killing of unarmed protester Joseph Rosenbaum because “he was causing trouble, he was a rioter, and my client had to deal with him that night alone.” Message to white supremacists who fantasize about taking their AR-15s to BLM protests and blowing protesters away: Go ahead and do it.

The biased, inept judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial dismissed the charge of underage possession of a dangerous weapon. Message to white supremacist teens who fantasize about taking their dad’s AR-15 to BLM protests and blowing protesters away: Go ahead and do it. Then he confused the shit out of the jury by riffing the deliberation instructions instead of reading them as written which is what judges are supposed to do, before releasing them to decide his little boy’s fate.

The first 2 indictments springing from the Joel Greenberg case in Florida have been made. Keith Ingersoll and James Adamczyk are in big trouble for a long list of stuff having to do with real estate fraud. They tried to sell property that they didn’t own for $12 million and then took a deposit from the buyer and went on a spending spree that included adult entertainment. Hello? Matt Gaetz?

Smartmatic, a voting machine company, is suing Newsmax and OANN for libel and slander for discrediting them during the 2020 election. They’ve already sued Fox News, Rudy Giuliani, and Sidney Powell, just like Dominion did.

Kevin Cordon, one of the white supremacists who jumped through a broken window at the Capitol wrapped in an American flag, got off on probation after crying like a baby and blubbering to the judge that he had had “a lapse in judgement.” Message to all the white supremacists who want to be in on the next insurrection: Go ahead and do it and bring your AR-15s.

Wackos who are calling election officials and making death threats are even more emboldened because the cops aren’t doing anything about them, just like the judge in the Kevin Cordon case and the other judges who aren’t sentencing the rest of insurrectionists who cried and claimed they had a lapse in judgement. MAGAs are full of themselves, thinking they’re invincible because they’re getting away with their shit just like their lord and savior Donald Trump does. This just makes them more dangerous.

Message to Americans minding their own business and following laws: Ha ha, suckers. Rich people are above the law. Presidents are above the law. Republicans are above the law. Murderous white supremacists are above the law. Insurrectionists are above the law. Therefore, rich people, presidents, Republicans, murderous white supremacists and insurrectionists are above you.

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