Attorneys to follow on Twitter

Spike Dolomite
1 min readApr 23, 2019

Here’s a list of legal experts who are helping interpret what’s going on in this horrible time in American history. Follow them and get good advice!

Chuck Rosenberg — former head of Drug Enforcement Administration @ChuckRsVoice

Cynthia Alksne — former federal prosecutor@CynthiaAlksne

Elie Honig — former federal and state prosecutor @eliehonig

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin — Host of Resistance Live @ECMcLaughlin

Elizabeth de la Vega — federal prosecutor @Delavegalaw

Frank Figliuzzi — former FBI Assistant Director @FrankFigliuzzi1

George Conway — Kellyanne Conway’s trouble maker lawyer husband @gtconway3d

Glenn Kirschner — former federal prosecutor @glennkirschner2

Harry Litman — former US attorney, constitutional law professor @harrylitman

Jonathan Turley — constitutional law professor @JonathanTurley

Joyce Alene — Federal prosecutor @JoyceWhiteVance

Ken White — legal podcast host @Popehat

Mimi Rocah — Former Fed Prosecutor SDNY @Mimirocah1

Neal Katyal — Supreme Court lawyer, former Acting Solicitor General of United States. @neal_katyal

Preet Bharara — Former US Attorney, SDNY fired by Trump @PreetBharara

Renato Mariotti — Former federal prosecutor @renato_mariotti

Teri Kanefield — attorney, UC Berkeley @Teri_Kanefield

Walter Dellinger — former assistant attorney general and solicitor general @walterdellinger

Walter Shaub — former director of the Office of the Dept of Ethics who called it quits when he realized he was too ethical to work for Trump @waltshaub



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