Back at the Funny Farm

Rudy Giuliani, former prosecutor and mayor of New York who has been practicing law for 59 years, has had his law license suspended in New York for giving “demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers and the public at large in his capacity as lawyer for former President Donald J. Trump.” This news comes on the 35th anniversary of the date when Trump’s other sleaze bag attorney, Roy Cohn (famous for representing Joseph McCarthy during the red scare witch hunt of the 50s, the mob and Trump,) lost his license in the same state from the same court in 1986. Trump says it’s a witch hunt. That’s funny. Witch hunt! Roy Cohn died alone, penniless and in disgrace. Rudy’s only hope for that not happening to him lies with his loser son, Andrew, who is out there defending his dad like a funny farm farmer moonlighting as a used car salesman.

Republicans are all excited because it’s infrastructure week. What fun! Wheeeeee!!!!!! They reached a bi-partisan agreement on the infrastructure bill which is less than 20% of what Biden and the Democrats wanted plus their rich donors won’t have to pay for it. Woo hoo! Democrat in name only, Kyrsten Sinema, made sure she stood right next to Biden when he announced it in the driveway of the White House alongside a group of all white politicians. She was wearing a bright red teeny bopper sun dress to signal her true party affiliation while drawing attention to herself, as usual. I’m the forty something bi-sexual fun in the sun girl! Look at me! I’m a maverick! Kamala Harris should have been standing next to Joe Biden instead of the fun in the sun girl but she stayed way back out of view.

“These images of bipartisan compromise — an all white collective that includes individuals who oppose Black voting rights and free/fair elections — say it all. The argument is that a narrow area of compromise among these individuals to repair bridges and roads is somehow a ‘win’ for us all.” — Bree Newsome

Biden’s infrastructure bill was supposed to do more than fix bridges and roads. It was supposed to rebuild black communities with $400 billion to create jobs and boost wages for millions of women of color who work as caregivers for the elderly and disabled. The Republicans cut that out. Funny how Repubicans are always cutting black people out.

Kyrsten Sinema called the cops on constituents who showed up at her office to express their disgust in her.

Nancy Pelosi announced a select committee to investigate the attack on the Capitol since the Republicans voted nope on a bipartisan independent commission. The committee has 2 objectives: Why did it happen and what went wrong with security? Now there won’t be a deadline or any Republicans to say no to subpoenas. Republicans will no doubt call foul when stuff starts coming out. They’ll accuse the Dems of being partisan. Fun times.

New reporting reveals how close Trump came to dying from covid. Were it not for the rare miracle cure and exceptional care that only the most powerful man in the world can get he would have died like anybody else. Instead of being humbled with gratitude, and shaken into doing the right thing by stopping the politicization of the virus, he instead tried to appear invincible and all powerful, taking credit for his super human recovery, which ultimately led to hundreds of thousands of more unnecessary deaths.

There has been a 30% increase in hospitalizations for covid in Missouri. They’re all unvaccinated in counties that all voted for Trump.

Everybody who dies from covid from now on is unvaccinated and therefore stupid.

153 employees of a hospital in Houston have been fired for refusing to get the vaccine. Good luck finding another job at another hospital willing to hire unvaccinated lunatics.

Fox News and the Republicans have succeeded with their evil plan to make their voters believe that there is such a thing as Critical Race Theory being taught in schools and now white parents are showing up in mobs to storm school board meetings and threaten school board members. Fast Fun times at Whites Only Squidge High.

The white people who spit on black children as they walked in to school during desegregation are still alive today. They not only don’t want white kids going to school with black kids, they don’t want their part in American racist history taught to any kids. Squidgets.

Trump and Bill O’Reilly are touring together. They’ll be doing MAGA rallies focused on white washed history, just like the white mobs storming school board meetings believe and want. If racist dumb dumb suckers want to go they’ll have to pay. MAGA rallies aren’t free anymore. Front row seat tickets are $7,500. Trump isn’t fun anymore. He’s broke.

After MAGA rioter Anna Morgan-Lloyd cried remorseful tears in court regarding her participation on January 6 so she could get off with probation, she started her self pity tour where she went on Laura Ingraham’s show to portray herself as a victim. She got fired from her job! Can you believe it?! Look what the liberals did to me! No fun!

Trump tried to get the DOJ to investigate SNL for making fun of him. That’s funny.

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