Back In The USSR Timeline Part 23 — Who Paid Rudy Giuliani?

Rudy Giuliani served at the highest level of the US government without actually working for the US government. He worked for Trump for free. Trump brought him in to “defend” him on TV against Bob Mueller and Stormy Daniels then he kept him on for all sorts of things, including extorting Ukraine. Working for free just means that Trump didn’t pay him. Who paid Rudy?

Rudy Giuliani gave Trump free legal advice before and during his presidency but his pro bono services weren’t included on any of Trump’s financial disclosures. Pro bono and in kind gifts must be reported and should be open to the public. Who paid Rudy?

Rudy’s defense of Trump during the Mueller investigation was that Mueller was trying to frame him. He publicly said that there was nothing wrong with Trump’s campaign getting help from the Russians. He also said that asking Ukraine to meddle in the 2020 election wasn’t actually meddling because it was done out in the open. When CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked him if he went to Ukraine to do Trump’s bidding he shouted, “Of course I did!” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo backed him up. Rudy had been to Ukraine more times than the Secretary of State.

Why is it that Trump could “hire” Rudy to work with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo inside the State Department on diplomacy with Ukraine without actually hiring him and without security clearance? When Rudy started feeling the heat about Ukraine he said he wanted the other person in the State Department be identified because he wasn’t operating on his own. Who paid Rudy and is that other person Mike Pompeo?

After one of his many trips to Ukraine, Rudy gave Bill Barr and the Republicans in Congress a “report.” What was in the report and who paid Rudy?

Rudy took part in a documentary series that supposedly debunked everything Trump was impeached for. He spoke with former Ukrainian prosecutors in Budapest and Kyiv. Who paid Rudy?

In September of 2019 Rudy was supposed to appear at a conference with Putin but he cancelled when the American media found out about it. Who paid Rudy? The Kremlin.

In December of 2019 Rudy went to Ukraine to try and get the Ukrainians to make damning stuff up about Joe Biden and the Democrats. He called Trump to let him know that that mission was accomplished and that he’d fill Bill Barr in when he got home. Who paid Rudy and what did he tell Bill Barr?

Rudy Giuliani’s monthly expenses at that time were $230,000. He had 6 homes and 11 country club memberships plus he was going through this third divorce. He was working for Trump pro bono. Somebody paid Rudy. Who was it?

Trump and Rudy Giuliani’s mob connections to Ukraine go back decades. A Ukrainian billionaire, Sam Kislin is one guy who paid Rudy. With his mob connections he donated to Rudy Giuliani’s political campaigns. He also helped Trump fend off bankruptcy in the 1990s. That’s one guy who paid Rudy, but that was decades ago. Who paid him from 2017–2021?

Rudy dealt with Ukrainian mobsters and the gas company, Naftogaz. They were making lots of money until Zelensky was elected. Then he and the new parliament wanted to play it straight and clean up the government. They wanted to leave corruption behind and be a legitimate western democracy and be part of NATO. This wasn’t good for Rudy or the Ukrainian mob.

Rudy is under federal investigation for his role in profiting from Naftogaz, as well as business campaign finance violations, bribing foreign officials to gain access to Trump, making a fake documentary that made the Bidens out to be ciminals, violating foreign lobbying laws, trying to get Trump to deport Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen (who Mike Flynn was offered $15 million by Turkey to kidnap,) and other things not yet known to the public. He’s also being investigated by the Southern District of New York.

Rudy has been subpoenaed by 3 House committees. He has lost his law license. Dominion Voting Systems is suing Rudy for $1.3 billion in a defamation suit for false election claims. Smartmatic too.

Trump stopped taking his calls after the insurrection. Rudy isn’t any good to Trump anymore.

Rudy Giuliani has gone from “America’s Mayor” to an infamous dumb criminal and world wide joke. He’s friendless, a pariah. Still, the guy has to eat. Where’s he getting money for rent and pariah food?



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