Back to Normal

Spike Dolomite
4 min readMar 23, 2021


More evidence that we’re getting back to normal — another mass shooting. This time it took place in Boulder, Colorado, located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver. A white male pulled into the parking lot of a King Soopers grocery store, got out of his car wearing tactical gear, carrying an AR-15 killing machine and left in police custody, wounded and almost naked, escorted by police after a SWAT team cut through the roof of the building to drag him out.

At least 10 people are dead. One was a police officer with 7 kids.

Every single person who got shot or witnessed the shooting was just going about their daily lives shopping for groceries for themselves and their families after living through a year of shutdowns, isolation, fear and grief. They may have been there to get the vaccine. They were all, in some way or another, getting back to normal living.

One witness, a millennial who hasn’t known a world without mass shootings and unfortunately sees it as normal said, “This is something I’ve grown up with. People my age and in my generation are used to this.”

“Mass shootings are the price we all must pay for the freedom to own as many war weapons as we want ‘normal’” started with Columbine High School in 1999. Since then Colorado has lived through mass shootings at Deer Creek Middle School, a movie theater in Aurora, Arapahoe High School, a Walmart in Thornton, a STEM School, and now a grocery store in Boulder.

Boulder is a very progressive college town. Only 100,000 people live there. It attracts open minded, educated, peace loving individualists who gravitate towards alternative medicine and new age thinking. It’s a very mellow, live and let live place to live. The kind of community that narrow minded, violent, racist, gun nuts hate.

A week ago, the NRA was successful in suing Boulder over its ban on assault rifles and 10+ round magazines. Judge Andrew Hartman over turned Boulder’s ban saying that a state statute preempts local governments from restricting gun sales and possession so a mad man can walk around Boulder waving an AR-15 around and there’s nothing Boulder can do about it. The shooter used an assault rifle. Time will tell if he was making some sort of political statement.

The mass shooting in Boulder Colorado took place less than 24 hours before the Senate holds a hearing on gun violence where the Republiqans will predictably not care, the Dems will push for legislation, and the second amendmenters will get all up in arms about their rights (pun intended). That’s what’s normal in America. Nothing ever changes.

While the Boulder news was breaking, Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert didn’t even send out any fake thoughts and prayers. She was obsessed with bashing Biden, as usual. She got her ass dragged on Twitter for tweeting this: The White House just called a lid at 1:13pm today. Biden is back in the basement, figuratively at least. Meanwhile, the country is in chaos and the border is coming apart at the seams.

2 hours after the shooting Lauren Boebert’s campaign sent out a fundraising email to her supporters encouraging them to say “Hell No” to any gun control measures in Washington.

“Lauren Boebert” is a big, big part of the problem and now she’s in Congress.

America is an out of control, gun nut, violent nation fun fact: About 50 million guns were sold in the past year, on top of nearly 400 million already in circulation. That’s about 1 ½ guns for every man, woman, child, criminal, wife beater, alcoholic, and insane person.

Once again for the paranoid self righteous ignorant fucks in the back: The problem is not immigrants or Democrats. It’s guns, domestic terrorism, and Republiqans who support and protect both.

To “build back better” we need federal gun control. Now gun reform has jetted back up to the top of the agenda to compete with covid and immigration reform (Republiqans are back to normal, claiming that there is a crisis at the border and it’s all Joe Biden’s fault.) The House has already passed some gun reform bills. The Senate needs to get it together and pass them now too.

Congress is conducting 3 or 4 progressive hearings every day this week which means legislation will follow. We can’t go back to normal by letting the Republiqans block everything. Democrats! We need a new normal!

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