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Spike Dolomite
4 min readAug 20, 2021


President Biden has directed his education secretary to take on autocratic governors who are endangering the lives of children by making it illegal for schools to protect them by mandating masks. Covid is spreading like wildfire in schools. Some schools closed as soon as they opened because of outbreaks. Kids are getting sick and dying. Republican governors must be stopped.

In Texas, Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick blamed black people for low vaccination rates when in fact it’s white Republicans who are the most unvaccinated group.

The Republican Texas Supreme Court temporarily blocked Governor Greg Abbott’s petition to keep his ban on masks in schools.

In Missouri, a Republican state representative who is running for Congress, Sara Walsh, got covid because she was unvaccinated. Her husband got it, too. Now he’s dead.

In southern states, relatives with covid are being admitted to the ICUs at the same time. One nurse just lost her 24th patient — a mom who had posted anti-vax crap on Facebook 9 days before she died. Her husband was admitted right after she died. If he doesn’t make it, their kids will be orphans. “‘I told you so’ doesn’t really cut it when someone is faced with losing both of their parents,” the exhausted, traumatized nurse said.

If parents are going to be so reckless that they’d risk getting infected and passing it on to their kids who could then die, and then abandoning them by dying themselves, who else have they brazenly infected? At what point should barefaced anti-vaxxers be held accountable for spreading covid? How is knowingly spreading a deadly disease not a crime?

What if insurance companies started denying coverage to people who end up in the hospital after refusing to be vaccinated? Life insurance companies don’t cover suicide so why shouldn’t health insurance companies do the same thing?

3 US senators have covid — a Republican, a Democrat and an Independent proving that the virus is not political. Covid is coming for everybody.

A whacko MAGA from North Carolina live streamed himself sitting in his truck outside of the Library of Congress (he thought it was the Capitol) demanding that he get to talk to Joe Biden, threatening to blow himself up with a propane bomb. He also claimed that his toolbox was filled with ammonium nitrate. After a 5 hour stand-off the idiot surrendered to the cops. The cops didn’t find any explosives in his truck. They didn’t shoot him because he was white. They gave him a break, telling the media he was having some personal issues. Another poor white guy having a bad day.

62% of the public agrees with Biden on pulling out of Afghanistan but you wouldn’t know that because the media, jonesing for bloody meat to gnaw on now that Trump isn’t giving it to them on a daily basis, is pounding on Biden as if he called upon his supporters to attack the US Capitol.

Republicans are more enraged by the Taliban attack on Kabul than they are of the MAGA attack on Washington DC.

The media isn’t reporting on Afghanistan beyond the drama of the American exit. It’s not giving any history or context. It’s staying focused on the chaos without educating the public on what led up to this moment. They’re making ridiculous hyped up, inaccurate, sensationalistic comparisons (this is nothing like Saigon), to compete with other news outlets for ratings and clicks. Too much opinion, emotion and repetition and not enough historical facts. It’s all headlines with no story, no nuance. Just lazy, irresponsible entertainment.

Reporters have been so conditioned to “report” on Trump’s non-stop tweets, press conferences and stupid comments that it’s hungry to keep that momentum going. Afghanistan meets the need.

Bad news for Republicans: 95% of Georgians 18 years and over have now registered to vote.

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