Bane of Our Existence

Things are looking really good for the US economy, thanks to Biden and the Dems. The GDP grew by 6.4% for the first quarter of 2021. Household income went up 21.1% in March which went right back into the economy — the most significant growth on record. People have noticed expendable income for the first time in a long time. It’s only going to get better for the rest of the year. People who make $75,000 or less will owe almost nothing in federal income taxes. And for those making $75,000 to $100,000 the federal income tax rate will be 1.8%. Republicans didn’t vote for any of it but that’s not stopping them for taking credit for it. Take House Minority Leader Qevin McCarthy. He said the American Rescue Plan was socialist and would turn the country into Venezuela. Now he’s bragging about it back home and why not? The people who voted for him have proven that they will believe anything. These people are the bane of our existence.

Dumb ass entitled jerks think the pandemic which was a hoax is over. They have no intention of doing their patriotic duty by getting vaccinated which means we may never reach herd immunity. Once again these jerk offs are taking advantage of others and pulling everybody else down with them. These same dopes who hate on undocumented immigrants and consider them to be the bane of their existence are purchasing fake vaccine cards so they can travel and cross borders.

Biden is raising the refugee cap to 62,500 and will be raising it to 125,000 next year. Trump lowered it to 15,000 — the lowest since the Refugee Act of 1980 became law. Families that Trump separated are finally being reunited.

A Republican state rep in Oregon, Mike Nearman, who was picked up on surveillance camera letting insurrectionists into the state capitol through a side door, has been charged with 2 crimes. He had slipped out of an emergency closed door session on covid relief to endanger the lives the of his colleagues and then went around to another entrance to walk back in.

Former Arizona Republican State Rep. Anthony Kern, who participated in the attack on the Capitol, is now part of a QAnon re-count of the certified November election. He actually counted ballots. The local reporter who was there and posted a picture of him handling ballots was kicked out.

Liz Cheney, the third most powerful repug in the House, stepped out in front of Qevin McCarthy, the most powerful repug in the House, and the defender of the Big Lie, to call the Big Lie out. She came out publicly and said that the election was not stolen. The Republiqans are pissed and want to strip her of her powers. They were already prepared to demote her after she gave Joe Biden a fist bump on the night of his address.

Republiqans who defend and propagate Trump’s Big Lie are the bane of democracy’s existence.

The resolution to censure Mitt Romney in Utah for impeaching Trump twice failed at the Utah Republican Party organizing convention in a 711–798 vote. He got booed and called a communist. He is anything and everything but a communist. He’s the legendary debt creator of Wall Street, leader of Bain of our Existence Capital. That’s how stupid the GQP has become. They don’t know what a communist is. They just heard it on fake news.

Matt Gaetz’s partner in crime, Joel Greenberg, was in communication with Roger Stone about Trump giving him a pardon. He offered to send him $250,000 via bitcoin.

House repugs are fighting with each other. Senate repugs aren’t doing anything but saying no to everything. Trump, QAnon weirdos and MAGA cultists have taken control of the GQP. The party is not unified, it has no values, message, policies or ideas. Romney has fallen from grace. Matt Gaetz is headed for prison. It’s only a matter of time before their lord and master Trump is indicted. They’re frantically making state laws to keep Democrats from voting in order to stay in the game. The Republiqans are the bane of existence. The Dems should be exploiting these weaknesses and going for the jugular — hitting them hard so they can’t get back up again but they won’t because they’re the live and let live party. They’re too nice. It’s enough that they’re not being too polite. They’ve grown balls and are taking advantage of this time to kick ass and get things done without them which is progress for the progressive party.

2/3 of the country is pleased with where the country is headed. That’s the most any president could get because 1/3 of the country is totally whacked and living in their own reality and always has been. The only thing standing in Biden’s way are the repugs in Congress. He’s got the support of the American people. He’s got a kick ass team and the Dems are unified behind him. All we need to do now is vote all of the repugs out of existence.

CNN’s Jim Acosta has had enough of going out into the field to get the story after Trump nearly got him killed. He called it quits and has his own show now where he has referred to Fox “News” as a bullshit factory. Trump was powerless to insult him. He’s nothing but a tweetless, crazy, lonely old man living in a hotel, eating buffets and crashing parties where he grabs the mic and tells trapped guests that he’s the real president of the United States.

Hurry up Lady Justice and put Bane out of his existence.

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