The Select Committee unanimously voted to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress. Now the committee’s decision goes to the House for a full vote. If he doesn’t change his mind and show up to testify he could go to jail for one year. He thinks that if he ends up in jail he will be a martyr for the cause but if you saw his face when Trump was dancing with the Saudis he’s going to cry.

Republicans are acting like threatening Bannon with jail is no big whoop. People don’t care about the Select Committee’s investigation, they say. They’re not even paying attention to any of this! They’re tired of the Democrats’ obsession with Benghazi, er January 6.

Trump sent out another memo. This time he praised Thomas Jefferson for writing the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson didn’t write the Constitution, James Madison did. You know, the guy who married Donut Dolley whose cupcakes were just as good as Little Debbie’s? The perfect final course to a Big Mac meal, washed down with Diet Coke. Remember? That guy! The guy who was president in 1812 — the only other time the Capitol was attacked.

“Former President Trump may not have known a lot about the framers, but they knew a lot about him.” — Congressman Jamie Raskin

Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska has been indicted on charges that he falsified records and lied to the FBI about an illegal foreign donation he received from a Nigerian billionaire at a fundraiser in Los Angeles. His defense? It’s a political attack! The libs are trying to take him out! Never mind that he was cashing in on big city liberals at a fundraiser in LA. He and his wife did a TV ad in which they’re both sitting in an old truck with their dog, corn fields in the background, asking for real Americans to help. Everything was fine until Biden came along and replaced Trump’s guys in the US Attorney’s office with his guys! Help! If found guilty he could go to jail for 5 years. Not to worry! Don’t cry! Trump says he’s a great guy! A thumbs up from Trump will surely help his case and then Kevin McCarthy can put him in charge of the Ethics Committee.

The media keeps reporting on infighting between the Dems regarding Biden’s infrastructure bill which isn’t true at all. 96% of the Dems are in agreement. The problem is Democrats in name only Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema and they’re only concern is with their own power and wealth. Don Winslow Films just released a 2 minute video calling Joe Mansion out. The guy has been involved in West Virginia politics for 40 years and in that amount of time life for West Virginians has only gotten worse, not better. He’s been a delegate, state senator, secretary of state, governor, and now US senator. He makes $184,500 a year as a senator but is worth $8 million. How did he get so rich? Because he and his wife are part owners in their son’s coal company. Together they make $1.1 million a year from coal. Joe chairs the Senate committee that regulates coal and wants everything having to do with cutting coal cut out of Biden’s infrastructure bill. So there you have it. His daughter made $18 million a year ripping people off by overcharging them for life saving allergy medicine. His entire family are millionaires. The average salary for people in West Virginia is $26,000. West Virginia is the second poorest state in the nation. They’re #45 for education and #47 for health care. They’re #50 for infrastructure. INFRASTRUCTURE! Watch Don Winslow’s video here.

A Brazilian Senate report recommends that their president, Jair Bolsonaro face homicide charges over his mishandling of the pandemic because his policies intentionally let the virus kill hundreds of thousands of Brazilians. Meanwhile in the US, the Senate, which protected a genocidal traitor by acquitting him twice after being impeached twice, is standing in the way of American citizens being able to vote and have clean air, more and better jobs, a better quality of life, safe drinking water, roads and bridges, and child care so moms can work.

Biden cancelled contracts for Trump’s wall. And the moat. And the alligators. And the flesh tearing spikes. And the firing squad. He also undid Trump’s cuts to Bears Ears and other national monuments.

The Trump Organization us under another criminal investigation. This time its for one of his golf courses in New York.

Trump is suing to keep his presidential records secret. If the National Archives give them to the Select Committee he’ll cry.

And another tell-all insider book has come out. This one is written by former chief of staff Mark Meadows, one of the 4 kingpins who has been subpoenaed by the Select Committee for his role in the planning of the insurrection. In his book he claims that he and Trump saved the country from complete chaos. He left out the part about the chaos on January 6.

Susan McDougal refused to testify against Bill Clinton and was put in jail for 18 months. If Mark Meadows refuses to testify like Bannon, they could go from sleeping on MAGA feathered beds to crying themselves to sleep…..on a cot.

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