2 emergency room doctors in New Jersey and Washington State are in critical condition with the coronavirus. Someone at NBC News has it. More states are shutting down schools. The biggest hotels in Las Vegas are closed. At midnight Los Angeles shut down restaurants, bars, theatres, gyms and retail stores (libraries and schools were already closed.) NYC’s mayor is signing an order for no elective surgeries. Norway has issued a warning to all of its citizens in the US to get out now because the US has a dysfunctional government and healthcare system.

Norway basically called the United States a shithole country.

People who are stuck in airports have been told not to take pictures.

Gun sales have picked up.

70% of Republicans think large gatherings are still safe.

Devin Nunes went on Fox News and said, “If you’re healthy, you and your family, go out to a local restaurant.” He, Fox News, and every Republican who has gone on Fox to encourage people to put themselves and others in danger should be charged with criminal negligence (at the very least.)

Republicans are taking their families out to dinner, up in arms that the government is closing private businesses. They can’t do that! That’s TYRANNY!

In the midst of a great flood, the Republicans are hanging on to Trump branded floating buoys, kicking anybody who dares swim up to hold on, too. This is MINE! I earned it!

MAGAs are licking airplane toilet seats and going to coronavirus parties to show their loyalty to Trump and own the libs. They are anxiously awaiting the moment when Dear Leader will show up and throw toilet paper at them.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Every Republican who has self-quarantined is on record for mocking the coronavirus as a Democratic hoax.

Trump is very cranky that he had to work over the weekend. No golf. No Mar-a-Lago. He had to stay in DC to make appearances on TV. He remains ambivalent to the health and safety of the public. All he cares about is the stock market. “I want to congratulate the Federal Reserve for lowering the rates. It is really great for our country. I am very happy. People and the markets will be very thrilled.”

The markets weren’t thrilled. The stock market opened this morning and then it closed. The Dow has now erased the entirety of the gains made during the Trump presidency.

This morning’s coronavirus press briefing has been rescheduled for 30 minutes before the market closes today.

Mar-a-Lago was forced to shut down because of coronavirus infection. Watch Trump go bankrupt one more time because his negligence as president over mishandling the coronavirus killed his private hotel business that has been profiting from his presidency.

Trump tweeted that he is going to pardon Michael Flynn.

Trump tried to bribe German scientists working on a cure for the coronavirus with cash so that the vaccine would be exclusive to the USA and he and his family could have the exclusive rights to sell it.

Republicans won’t impeach him for it.

The White House is blocking a nomination for a top intelligence job because the official is not considered sufficiently loyal to Trump.

The Third Lady has cancelled the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

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