Black and White

Today is the one year anniversary of George Floyd’s death and the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre.

A century ago in Greenwood, Oklahoma (AKA America’s Black Wallstreet) 10,000 black residents lived together, did business with each other, went to school together and worshipped together in their own community that they built to live outside of racist white America. They built their own stores, doctors’ offices, banks, theaters, nightclubs. A white mob burned all 35 blocks down and killed hundreds of people because they were jealous of their prosperity. Everybody was left homeless. 6,000 were detained in internment camps. They destroyed family wealth and sustainability out of pure hatred. We don’t want your kind in our neighborhoods but we don’t want you having better neighborhoods than us either. It was the worst racist terrorist attack in American history but it isn’t taught to kids in school, just like the real story about European colonization of America where settlers invaded a continent that was already thriving with it’s own societies, cultures and commerce. Kids are taught in first grade that Indians were so nice that a holiday was created to celebrate them called Thanksgiving. They aren’t taught about Native American genocide because white supremacy must prevail. Europeans weren’t invaders, rapists and murderers. They were the good guys.

Anne Coulter’s reaction to the 100th anniversary of Tulsa: “Isn’t that what you guys call a ‘peaceful protest’”?

George Floyd made history not for being the first black man to be murdered brutally in the light of day on video by a cop because that happens often, but because the cop who killed him was convicted and sent to jail, which hardly ever happens, thanks to the bravery of 17 year old Darnella Frazier who captured the whole thing on her phone. The whole world saw what the black community has been living with for 400 years. Her video was not only at the heart of the murder trial and the $27 million settlement for George Floyd’s family, but it elevated Black Lives Matter to a higher national importance, and made George Floyd a hero.

“Daddy changed the world!” — Gianna, George Floyd’s daughter

The 4 former police officers involved in the George Floyd murder have been indicted by the DOJ on civil rights charges.

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act wasn’t signed into law by the first year anniversary of George’s death like Joe Biden wanted because most Republicans are racist and don’t want justice in policing. They want black people to stay in their place.

Black farmers are getting debt relief from the Biden administration which has really pissed racist white farmers off even though Trump gave them a big bowl of cash to pacify them after he screwed them over by making it impossible for them to sell their crops and then again with covid relief. Less than 0.1% of Trump’s coronavirus aide went to black farmers.

The home ownership rate for black Americans has fallen back to where it was before housing discrimination was banned.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Mitch McConnell didn’t have Trump nominate one black judge to an appeals court. They say it’s because they couldn’t find anybody who wasn’t white who was good enough. Trump appointed 234 judges for Mitch McConnell but couldn’t find a single black one who was qualified.

Republicans think that black people are just as racist as white people. That can’t be. Black people may be just as prejudiced, but they can’t be racist because racism is a system of power that is built around race. In America’s case, the white race holds all the power.

Derek Harris, a Louisiana man who was sentenced to life in prison for selling less than $30 worth of pot, was finally released from jail after nearly a decade behind bars. White people don’t go to jail for selling $30 of pot.

In 2013, a black woman named Miriam Carey, a dental hygienist, made a U-turn at a checkpoint near the Capitol in DC. She was shot 26 times by Capitol Police and the Secret Service. They killed her in front of her 13 month old daughter who was in the backseat. In contrast, a thousand white people stormed the Capitol on January 6 and beat the shit out of the Capitol Police and they’re being defended by the Republicans. A new book by Carol Leonnig, “Zero Fail,” is about all the things that get past the Secret Service, including white people breaching the barriers of the White House and hanging out on the grounds without getting shot. One guy made it all the way inside and was wandering around the halls of the home of the most powerful man in the world before being escorted out.

A white NYPD officer named Michael Reynolds went to Nashville for a bachelor party, got wasted and then broke into a black family’s home while blackout drunk, threatened to kill the mother and her small children, and called them “fucking niggers.” He only got 2 weeks in jail but didn’t get fired. He quit.

David McAtee was the owner of YaYa’s BBQ in Louisville, Kentucky for 30 years. He fed cops who came in for free. They shot and killed him and left his body in the street for 12 hours. White people aren’t shot by the cops and left in the street for half a day.

Fair Wayne Bryant sat in jail for 23 years serving a life sentence for stealing hedge clippers and then got paroled. Meanwhile a white treasonous criminal and rapist sat in the Oval Office, untouchable.

The Trump era did one good thing for the country — it opened our eyes to what has been there all along. America is not so great, white supremacy is alive and well and it won’t be dismantled politely.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Spike Dolomite

Spike Dolomite

Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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