Boo Hoo Hoo

Spike Dolomite
4 min readOct 28, 2019


Sunday started with Trump thinking he won the day by announcing he killed the leader of ISIS only to find that not only was nobody impressed but they booed him hours later when he showed up at the World Series with his freedom caucus ass kissers. The whole stadium booed him and he wasn’t ready for it. If that wasn’t humiliating enough, the crowd chanted, “Lock him up! Lock him up!”

Getting booed wasn’t in Trump’s plan. He figured he’d go on TV and tell everybody that he killed the bad guy and then everybody would hold him up and cheer! We love you Dear Leader! God Save the King! Not only did people not cheer after he killed the bad guy, they didn’t cheer when he showed up at a good old fashioned American baseball game. The president of the United States got booed. Like really, really booed. He ventured outside of his reality TV bubble and got a big dose of what the American people really think of him. By booing him the crowd not only hit Trump where it hurts — in his fragile ego, but they sent a message to the world that the American people hate him and want him GONE.

Immigrant and naturalized citizen Chef Jose Andres threw out the first ball and got lots and lots of cheers.

The Nationals owners refused to sit with Trump.

Right wingers may see the booing as un-American but the rest of us don’t. Booing a tyrannical, lawless president on national live TV is very American. You won’t ever see that in China, North Kora, Russia or Saudi Arabia.

Big mouth MAGA sheep who get red in the face and froth at the mouth at Trump’s rallies all pumped up on hate and beer were sheepishly quiet at the game. They were offended by the crowd chanting, “Lock him up.” Not a single vein popped out of a baseball fan’s neck or forehead. They were outnumbered. BY REALITY.

“Sure, sex is great and all, but have you ever heard an entire stadium chanting LOCK HIM UP right into our president’s stupid orange face?” — Jeff Tiedrich

The public’s reaction to Trump showing up to the World Series lets us all know that Americans really do hate Trump. If everybody turns out to vote there’s no way he can win in 2020. Nor would there be any way for any Republican to win either. SO VOTE.

Trump left the game early. Boo hoo.

Joe Biden was on 60 Minutes during the World Series. When Norah O’Donnell mentioned that Trump says Russian interference is a hoax, Joe Biden said, “He’s an idiot.”

Turns out the photo Trump released of him at the head of the table in the “Situation Room” after he killed the bad guy was staged. He was actually golfing when the bad guy got killed. The photo was hastily taken a couple of hours later. The guys in the photo forgot to plug in their laptops. Cords and cables were sticking out all over the place in the foreground of the photo. The cords and cables photo bombed the bombed photo.

The bad guy has already been killed 5 times before so who knows. Trump could be lying about that too. Russia says it’s all propaganda.

Speaking of Russia and propaganda, Russian spy Maria Butina is back home and making the rounds on Russia’s state TV telling people that while she was in jail that she was forced to eat off of the floor, had to fight for food, couldn’t pee all day, and was under constant threat of being raped by guards.

Golfing during a “kill the bad guy” operation, then telling Putin about it but not Congress and then sending out a fake photo pretty much sums up the Trump presidency.


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