Both Parties are NOT the Same

Listen up, lazy self righteous Americans who aren’t intellectually curious or responsible enough to care about the country or other people, who let themselves off the hook for not voting by proclaiming that both parties as the same. They’re not. Here’s why:

Democrats are pro-democracy. Republicans are not.

Democrats run for office to fix things and solve big problems. Republicans don’t care about governing or solving problems. All they care about is getting and maintaining power for themselves, and they will do anything for it.

Democrats are fighting the Republicans for voting rights so that every citizen has easy access to the ballot box. Republicans are working to create voter suppression laws to limit access to the voting box because if they don’t cheat, they can’t win.

The Democrats’ base is wide and diverse. The Republicans’ base are religious extremists and white supremacists.

Democrats are the party of we. Republicans are the party of me.

Democrats aren’t resistant to change and view it as a good thing. Republicans hate change and want to keep everything the same forever.

Democrats refer to Republicans as “their colleagues on the other side of the aisle” or “our Republican friends.” Republicans refer to Democrats as “them” or the “radical left.”

Democrats value education and want every single person to have a good one that is publicly funded. Republicans enjoy private educations and college degrees but dumb themselves down so dumb people will feel good about themselves and will continue to vote for them.

Democrats think they should be judged by what they do. Republicans think they and everybody else should be judged for who they are (white pedigree.)

Democrats want to own the truth about America’s dark history. Republicans want to maintain American history as white history.

Republicans use abortion to get evangelicals to vote for them even though Republicans get abortions. Democrats believe that the government has no business getting involved in family planning.

Republicans have the support of the most hateful, bigoted religious group, the evangelicals, and believe that Christianity is the official state religion. Democrats believe in separation of church and state and want to keep religion out of politics.

When Democrats talk about the “center,” they’re referring to compromise and going with what the majority of what the entire group wants. When Republicans talk about the “center” they’re only referring to themselves. To be a Republican in Congress today you must be to the right of center and stay there at all costs even if that means sacrificing the country or people’s lives.

Democrats work towards equality for all and have gotten hurt, killed and jailed fighting for civil rights. Republicans and the people who vote for them don’t think that all people are equal. They’re better than everybody else and it must always be that way.

Democrats celebrate and encourage free thought. Republicans do not. They want people to all think a certain way — their way.

Democrats feel a responsibility towards each other and if one group is oppressed or unfairly treated, it is their moral obligation to call it out and fix it. Republicans’ only responsibility is to themselves. Everybody else is on their own.

Democrats will call each other out if one of them screws up. Republicans will cover for each other and stick together until the bitter end, which often times never comes. They get away with murder.

Democrats believe in one world and everybody having a place at the table. Republicans believe in one world, too — theirs. It’s a private club. Invitation only.

Republicans make a mess out of government, run up the debt, give more power to the rich and then Democrats have to come along and clean it all up. Every time.

Bottom line is Republicans want government to fail and Democrats want it to succeed.

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