Both Parties Are Not The Same

Spike Dolomite
3 min readNov 25, 2022

Lazy Americans who like to sound smart rely on the “both sides are the same” argument whenever they don’t want to talk about politics or they don’t want to get caught being stupid. Both sides are not the same.

Would Democratic voters vote for a pro-life candidate who paid for abortions and lied about it just to elect a Democrat?

Would Democratic voters vote for someone who threatened to kill his wife?

Would Democratic voters vote for someone who has abandoned multiple families?

Do Democrats legislate people’s private sex lives?

Do Democrats want the government to control the sizes of families or who belongs in a family?

Do Democrats support outlawing abortion and making criminals out of women who get them?

Do Democrats blame victims of rape on what they were wearing or how much they had to drink? Do they make laws that force victims of rape, even children, to bear a rapist’s child?

Do Democrats believe in and promote conspiracy theories?

Do Democrats blame Black people whenever they’re killed by the police?

Do Democrats defend racism, sexism and homophobia?

Do Democrats encourage, defend, and glorify violence?

Do Democrats make fun of victims of hate crimes?

Do Democrats seek out rationalizations and excuses for perpetrators of hate crimes?

Do Democrats use religion to demonize LGBTQs and women?

Do Democrats use Christianity as a shield and justification to terrorize and kill people they don’t approve of?

Do Democrats call for banning books and show up to school boards to yell at school board members?

Do Democrats stockpile guns and parade them around in public?

Do Democratic candidates glorify guns and violence in their campaign ads? Do they promote any religion?

Do Democrats intimidate or threaten voters and poll workers? Do Democrats claim election fraud and refuse to concede?

Do Christian nationalist groups give to Democratic candidates?

Do Democrats worship their elected leaders?

Do Democrats want to take health care, social security, abortion, civil rights, or public protections away from people?

Do people who listen to NPR and watch MSNBC, BBC and PBS go into biker bars, cowboy bars, car shows, and pro-life rallies and shoot people with AR15s?

Did any Democrats kill anybody by minimizing or ignoring the dangers of COVID? Did they lie about cases and deaths?

Do Democrats exploit immigrants and the homeless to make political points?

Do Democrats blame poor people for being poor?

Did Democrats normalize the attack on the Capitol?

Did Trump call any Democratic members of Congress during the attack? Did any Democrats attend any planning meetings or participate in emails and texts?

Did the Select Committee call on any Democrats to testify?

Does the media give the same amount of time and attention to Democratic successes as they do to Republicans’ fake outrage, talking points, and political theater?

Are Republicans held to the same standards as Democrats?

Do Democrats want Trump to run in 2024?



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