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Special Counsel Jack Smith has asked the judge for a gag order to shut Trump’s big fat mouth. They’re not calling it a gag order because then Trump will scream election interference and tell his cult followers that the Democrats and the DOJ are trying to silence his speech to keep him from winning the 2024 presidential election.

Jack Smith wants to keep Trump from following through with his mob boss strategy to scare the crap out of witnesses so they either won’t testify because they’re too scared or they’ll lie on the stand to escape Trump’s wrath and to scare potential jurors from wanting to serve. If they do, the MAGAs could find out who they are and where they live, stalk and threaten them, or worse. If Trump isn’t gagged, he could keep using his bully pulpit to spin all sorts of lies so he can win his case in the court of public opinion. Jack Smith is worried about Trump inciting more violence. He must be stopped. Gag him with his own silver spoon.

If Jack Smith is concerned about violence, shouldn’t everybody be?

Twitter turned over 32 direct messages from Trump’s account back in March after receiving a search warrant from Jack Smith’s office. It has been sealed to keep Trump from finding out so he won’t announce it on Truth Social like he did when he got a search warrant for Mar-a-Lago. The court just released it so Trump could do the least amount of damage.

While the government was asking for a gag order, NBC gave Trump a sit down interview, proving to the whole world that they didn’t learn a freaking thing from 2016 and they’re ready to give it another go because Trump is good for ratings. The mainstream media normalized Trump and gave him millions of dollars worth of unearned media coverage in 2016 which helped him win. The media has had a very big role to play in the rise of fascism in America by following Republicans around with a microphone and letting them say whatever they want without challenging them on anything. Stop!

Trump’s former White House assistant, Molly Michael, has been talking to the feds. After Biden’s inauguration, she flew to Mar-a-Lago with Trump to work for him there. She is employee 2 in the indictment. She was the one who took all of the photos of the boxes that were stored all over Trump’s private club. He would write to do lists for her on the back sides of classified documents. When Trump found out she was talking to the feds he told her to say she didn’t know anything about the boxes.

Lauren Boebert broke up with her boyfriend after their heavy petting video went viral. The lesson in it all for Boebert was, “Check party affiliations before you go on a date.” She’s not smart enough to be witty enough to make Democrats laugh with a crack like this. This was written by her publicist. If her bar owner Democrat boyfriend doesn’t take this opportunity to get his 15 minutes of fame, that means he most likely signed a nondisclosure agreement because that broad is trouble. Boebert blamed her nasty behavior on the Democrat she picked up in a bar (his bar.)

For Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, Trump insulted Jews by accusing the ones who voted for Democrats of destroying America and Israel.

While Trump continues to suck up the headlines, there is a movement going on all over the country that isn’t getting much attention. Workers are striking across many different industries. They need more money to live. Auto workers for the Big Three — General Motors, Ford, and Stelantus in Detroit just went on strike, the first strike against the big three automakers that is being done simultaneously. Writers and actors in Hollywood have been on strike since May 2. Like all other industries, CEOs in Hollywood are making millions by exploiting their workers. Writers and actors who aren’t big stars aren’t making enough to live. CEOs with multiple homes are fighting workers who just want to buy one home.

Workers are at a breaking point. People are working more than one job and still can’t get ahead. Pandemics cause inflation so people are strapped all around the world. What makes things worse for American workers is too few own all the wealth and everybody else is treading water. People have had enough. Things weren’t this uneven since Herbert Hoover was president. Then Franklin Roosevelt came along and taxed the shit out of the rich then created all sorts of new jobs like Biden is doing which put the country back on track. Republicans are such a mess they aren’t taking advantage of this to blame the strikes on Biden, unions and Democrats like they normally would. They can’t even agree on a budget by the end of the month.

The lowest rates of income inequality were in the 1950s because that decade had the highest rates of unionization. Republicans like to romanticize this era as a time when mom was home in the kitchen looking flawless in high heels and her hair done just right. Families could afford for mom to stay home, buy a house, a car, and send their kids to college ON ONE INCOME.

By the way, mom hated wearing lipstick in the kitchen so in the next decade she rubbed off the lipstick, took off her bra, filled the freezer with TV dinners and took to the streets to march for equal rights for women.



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