Breaking Records

The National Archives had 15 boxes removed from Mar-a-Lago.

The Presidential Records Act was passed after Nixon withheld records, making it illegal for presidents to destroy or withhold documents from the National Archives. That didn’t stop Trump. He would regularly throw fits and tear papers up so White House staffers would tape them back together or store piles of official record confetti in baggies. After Trump left the White House in a final huff, the White House staff turned over valuable trash to the National Archives but there was way more. Trump had them stored in the boat house at Mar-a-Lago so he could sell it on e-bay and make a few bucks.

Rich white GOP donors got their money’s worth when the Supreme Court used the shadow docket to let Alabama’s congressional map stand over the objection of civil rights groups and decisions of two lower courts finding that the outdated map dilutes the influence of Black voters in violation of the Voting Rights Act. There are more Black people recorded now and less white people living in Alabama since the last census but Alabama isn’t going to redraw the congressional map to reflect that. The SCOTUS says they’ll stay out of it until white Republicans can win in the midterms. They’ll hear the full case next fall, long enough to let the Republicans cheat in the midterms.

140 Republicans have signed on to a statement condemning the RNC for censuring Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

Liz Cheney is the most aggressive member of the Select Committee. Her attitude is that since they’re going to be criticized no matter what, they should go for it. The committee is going all the way and will pressure the DOJ to prosecute.

Republicans only have 2 good guys in their party — Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Democrats only have 2 bad guys - Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin.

The Select Committee has enough to start holding public hearings and write their report but they’re waiting on the assholes who have been trying to run out the clock. They want their testimony.

Biden has access to records of Trump’s calls to Putin. Trump tried to hide them.

The covid death toll has hit 900,000. The pandemic has reshaped society. We’re experiencing collective trauma. Kids have been orphaned in America because Republicans politicized the virus. They have fallen behind in their education and human development. It did not have to be this way.

Students in 9th grade have missed out on a well rounded middle school experience to prepare them for high school. 12th grade students have missed out on a memorable high school experience. They’ve had too much idle time on their hands for the past 2 years which means they’ve found themselves in different degrees of trouble. There are cracks in the foundation of elementary school children. They all have anxiety and depression because of isolation and fear. 2nd graders can’t tie their shoes or stand in line because they missed the continuity of kindergarten when they’re supposed to learn those skills. Kids are stressed out and traumatized. Low income children are suffering more because they’ve lost parents and other family members from covid because they were front line workers. Teachers are burned out. Over half of them say they’ll be retiring early or quitting because parents are blaming them for their kids falling behind and threatening them over masks and “critical race theory.”

One parent in Texas raised hell about a biography about Michelle Obama. They wanted it removed from school shelves because it portrays Trump as a bully.

Iowa Republicans have introduced a bill to install government cameras in every classroom so parents can monitor every move a teacher makes and every word a teacher says.

Republicans are banning books like “1984” and putting cameras in the classroom to spy on teachers.

Ryan Utterbac, a perv in Missouri who sought to ban LGBTQ books from schools is…….whaddayaknow……facing charges for second-degree child molestation and possessing and passing on child porn.

Good news! Annual enrollment for Obamacare broke all records!

Joe Biden has done more in his first year than virtually any other president. Record jobs, record GDP, record legislation, record judges, and he ended the forever war.

For the record, Joe Biden is an excellent president, he’s the president we needed for this time, and the Democrats are united and getting stuff done. It’s the media making things look like they’re all in “disarray.”

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