Burn Down the Mission

Spike Dolomite
5 min readOct 13, 2019

Rich old white man Ambassador Sondland, who bought his way into the Trump’s empire, says he’ll go ahead and testify next Thursday even though Mike Pompeo told him not to. He’s got to explain the texts to and from Rudy about Ukraine. He’s flipping back and forth about whether or not he’s going to lie for Trump, tell some version of the truth, or tell the truth. Right now he admits that Trump dictated the quid pro quo but not a “corrupt one.”

Trump the spoiled, dumb child fun fact: Sometimes when Trump is on the phone talking to foreign heads of state, he gets bored and hands the receiver over to Ivanka and says, “Here — you talk to him.”

The preacher laid his hands on Trump at the Values Voters Summit and prayed out loud in front of the voting faithful, “I ask that you give the president supernatural discernment to know who is trustworthy and who is not. Bring into the light all deception and intrigue. Expose and reverse the plans of those who would harm President Trump and this nation.” Trump had his eyes closed the whole time, playing the part and hoping that the cameras were getting all of it for his reality TV episode “You Can’t Impeach Me, I’ll SUE!” Then he took to the mic and bashed the liberals calling them far left socialists - “They are trying to use the courts to rewrite the laws, undermine democracy, and force through an agenda they cannot pass at the ballot box….They are using the IRS against me!” He whined about Kavanaugh being treated unfairly, said Nancy Pelosi hates America and threatened to sue (or impeach) her and Adam Schiff, rambled on incoherently about impeachment, and then drilled down again on socialism because the voting faithful believe that all Democrats are socialists - “Socialism is obsessed with the pursuit of power because it has replaced religion with government. When you look at some of the things that they’re in favor of, it’s like, it’s like, anything — nobody’s ever seen anything like it.” Hallelujah! Praise Trump!

Lindsey Graham says he’ll out the whistleblowers if Trump is impeached which is punny because Lindsey is beholden to Trump because he’s afraid he’ll be outed.

While the world burns Trump golfs. He lunched with Rudy at the club. Nothing to see here -just a couple of old white guys, two aging New York mobsters talking shit. “PARDON me, would you pass the grey poop on?”

Meanwhile in Texas (again), somebody called the cops and asked them to do a “wellness check” on their black neighbor’s home. The cops showed up and shot Tay Johnson, a 28 years old pre-med graduate who was playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew INSIDE their own home. The cop who killed her was white. Fort Worth police have killed 26 people since 2013, a 30% higher rate than the national average. The cops kill black people at twice the rate of white people.

A gun nut walked into a church in New Hampshire while a wedding was taking place and shot the minister and bride.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted out a promotional video of himself throwing up the middle finger to the separation of church and state with these words: Grateful that my call as a Christian to protect human dignity overlaps with America’s centuries-old commitment to the same in our foreign policy. Dedicated to ensuring our diplomacy pursues this mission and guards our proud history of honoring and defending.

By mission he means Christian mission.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Arizona Republican, County Assessor Paul Petersen, got busted for running a human trafficking ring where pregnant women from the Marshall Islands are lured to America and crammed into a house without any prenatal care to await labor so their babies can be taken and sold. Why the Marshall Islands? Because he spent 2 years there on a mission with the Mormons, converting heathens to LDS. He charged adoptive families $25,000-$40,000 and made $2.7 million in less than 2 years.

Trump the useful idiot is being used by many to complete different missions. His stupidity, greed, callousness, indebtedness and guilt have undermined the foundations of the world order. The US is no longer the leader of the free world. The shining light on the hill has gone dark. The world has learned that the US will stab it in the back at a moment’s notice. America doesn’t stand for anything anymore except rich white men will win at all costs and to hell with everybody else.

Actually, it’s always been that way. Americans are just getting that figured out because it’s in our face every minute of every day. We can’t turn it off. We can’t shop it away. We can’t drink or eat it away. We can’t sex it away. We can’t fix it away. So here we are — caught at the dead end surrounded by flames. Rich white men have gone and blown themselves up. They did it to themselves by letting the spoiled dumb child play with matches. This wouldn’t be so bad if all they did was blow themselves up but will they take the country with them? The world? Or will the status quo dowse the fire so everybody can go back to watching TV, shopping, drinking, sexing, ignoring and over eating?

Which mission will be accomplished? Turkey’s? Russia’s? Steve Bannon’s? Mike Pompeo’s? Bill Barr’s? Evangelicals? Or the great American experiment?

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