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Spike Dolomite
3 min readAug 4, 2022

Alex Jones, king of the conspiracy theorists, has been making headlines for 20 years with political stunts that have resulted in innocent people being harassed and threatened by the most deranged of his millions of followers. His far right radio and internet show, Infowars, has made him a millionaire. He has gotten rich off of peddling anti-government conspiracy theories, claiming that terrorist attacks and mass shootings don’t really happen, but are staged scenarios by the government in a plot to take all our guns away. He’s got people building bunkers, hoarding food, and committing acts of violence. He’s a master at selling misinformation and disinformation (plus all sorts of miracle cures and kooky products). He called upon his followers to go to the Capitol on January 6 and helped finance it. He’s in civil court right now over how much he owes 6 Sandy Hook families who won a defamation lawsuit against him for claiming that the slaughter of their children was a “hoax” that used crisis actors. As a result, his followers have been terrorizing these families for years. They have been confronted at their homes and in public. They have been vandalized. They get threatening calls and emails. They have been shot at. Some have had to move their families to escape the threats.

True to Alex Jones fashion, the hearing has been an absolute shit show. The judge has had to constantly tell him to stop with the antics. His attorney flipped the families’ attorney off in the court room. But that’s not the most unprofessional thing he’s done. Yesterday it came out that he accidentally sent the family counsel the entire contents of Jones’ phone — 2 years worth of information, proving that he lied during the trial. That’s not all. All of his texts and emails from January 6 are on there too. The Select Committee can’t wait to get their hands on it. He has already taken the Fifth more than 100 times when testifying before the committee. When Jones was confronted about it on the stand he said, “This is your Perry Mason moment.” He conceded that Sandy Hook was 100% real.

His ex-wife wants to subpoena his phone now too because he lied about how much money he had when they were getting divorced.

Child porn was found on that phone. He joins the long list of Republicans who accuse liberals of being pervs only to be found out that they’re the pervs. Once again, the one screaming the loudest about pedophilia is the pedophile.

Who is nervous today? Who corresponded with Alex via text and email over the past 2 years? Pay attention to all of the right wingers who don’t defend him on TV or social media.

The DOJ is suing Trump’s former advisor, Peter Navarro, to turn over records from a private ProtonMail account that he used for government business while he was in the Trump White House. The feds want to see those emails. They not only want to see what he sent, they want to see who sent stuff to him. They already know of some, that’s how they found out about this secret private email account. Now they want the rest. He’s already in criminal contempt for blowing off a subpoena.

Trump’s Deputy White House counsel Pat Philbin has been subpoenaed.

The Select Committee would like to talk to the DHS Inspector General, Joseph Cuffari, about his involvement in the coverup of the missing Secret Service texts.

“The Secret Service actually did the thing everyone accused Hillary Clinton of doing.” — Tristan Snell

Former Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta called what’s going on right now with the missing texts from multiple government agencies a “conspiracy.”

On this day in 1987 the Fairness Doctrine was repealed, which did away with broadcasters and journalists having to use the public airwaves responsibly and fairly, opening them up to a “first amendment” free-for-all which ushered in right wing talk radio and Rush Limbaugh who eventually gave rise to Alex Jones. Ronald Reagan is responsible for putting the dumbest people in the history of the world on TV every day.

Karma is coming for all of the repugs who made a thing out of Hillary’s emails. Emails and texts are going to take them all down.



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