Here we go again. Hillary Clinton’s emails are back and this time Trump has put the State Department in charge of investigating them. He is using the power of the presidency to get revenge on a political opponent AGAIN. She left office over 6 years ago, butter cup. Even if there was any there there (and there isn’t) the statute of limitations has run out. Also, the State Department shouldn’t be involved in this so butter up. Trump is going down. This could end up being yet ANOTHER article of impeachment.

Bill Barr is mad now. Maybe that’s why Trump sicked the State Department on Hillary. The Justice Department won’t do it.

The White House hid transcripts of Trump’s calls to Putin and MBS. Can everybody who participated in this be charged with a crime or will they get to say they were just doing their jobs? Pass the butter.

Trump’s crime family is in Italy right now trying to come up with a plan to avenge democracy. Bill Barr, Jared and Ivanka, Mike Pompeo and 4 Russian oligarchs are all there. Steve Bannon is there, too. He’s been there building a right wing academy for awhile.

Trump has lied 13,000 times but never about a blow job so here we are.

Republicans are on the Sunday morning news shows drilling down on the Biden conspiracy, deep state, and the whistleblower having second hand information, therefore he’s irrelevant. If Republicans want to claim that the whistleblower can’t be credible because he wasn’t actually in the room to witness crimes being committed, then they should have been in the room when Clinton was getting a blow job.

The Sunday morning news shows were all snoozers except for Brian Stelter’s show on CNN when he had Robert DeNiro on and asked him about Trump. He answered, “Fuck him” on live television. Again. That’s the best, most honest answer to a really stupid, tired, absurd question. The media needs to quit treating Trump like a normal president and stop asking the same old stupid questions. We’re drowning in saturated fat here.

Hey media! Instead of inviting boobs like Mark Meadows, Gym Jordan, Rudy Giuliani and Stephen Miller on to your shows to spew and rant and bullshit your viewers, how about asking them about the money that they’ve taken from Russia and the NRA? That would be worth tuning in for.

Speaking of CNN being dumb, they called Ivanka a “diplomat.” She’s no diplomat. She’s a grifter who makes shitty shoes and goes to 5 star restaurants and skips out on the bill with pats of stolen fancy butter shoved in an ugly purse made in China with her name on it.

“Trump has lit the damn house on fire, but the GOP just wants to go after whoever pulled the fire alarm.” — George Takei

Newspapers are starting to ask Trump to resign.

Trump spent the weekend at his golf club in Virginia, his 233rd day at a Trump golf club and 306th day at a Trump property as president. Lindsey Graham was with him, carrying his balls, which of course were buttered.

A member of the US military got busted for uploading child porn to a Russian server at Mar-a-Lago a few days ago and it barely made the news. He was an Army official who oversaw White House communications at Trump’s private club. Such illegal activities make him a target for blackmail by foreign agents plus it’s creepy and sick and very fitting for a creepy and sick administration.

The whistleblower has reached an agreement with the House Intelligence Committee to testify in front of the committee very soon. On the menu? Clarified butter.

House Intelligence Chairman, Adam Schiff, is asking more whistleblowers to come forward. Click here to support his campaign

“Trump will now prove to America that he’d never use the awesome power of American government for personal political profit by using the awesome power of American government for personal political profit” — Seth Abramson

Pass the buttered popcorn. Here we go again.

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