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Spike Dolomite
4 min readApr 19, 2021


Cops in Portland had a pizza party after killing a homeless man

In Portland, police were filmed eating pizza as they walked around the body of a mentally ill, homeless man who they had just shot and killed at 9:30 in the morning in the park. They said he had a gun. The one who fired the deadly shot was Zachary Delong. He was a sniper in the Army so he’s had a lot of practice shooting people. He hasn’t had a lot of practice responding to mentally ill people in crisis though. He’s trained to kill.

The Portland Police Bureau is known to be not only sympathizers of the Proud Boys, they call upon the to stir up trouble whenever there is a protest by sending them texts to let the know when and where demonstrations are expected to take place. The cops fuel protests, and use their power to beat and kill protesters. Then the cops, the media and Republiqans blame it all on the protesters.

In small town Loveland, Colorado, cops hog tied a 80 pound, 73 year old woman with dementia who was picking wild flowers on the side of the road. They broke her bones, dislocated her shoulder, sprained her wrist and then laughed about having an old woman’s blood on their hands.

In Minden, Louisiana 5 police officers were filmed by a neighbor beating a black, disabled veteran after he had had a seizure and fell into a bush while walking his autistic grandson to school. One of them (the fattest one) kept kicking him. When they realized they were being filmed they took off.

In Austin, Texas, a former Travis County Sheriff’s detective, Stephen Broderick, who had resigned after being charged with sexually assaulting a child, went on a shooting rampage and killed 3 people. He was on the run for 20 hours before finally getting arrested.

In Minneapolis, even though there is a restraining order on the cops to protect journalists from the cops, they still beat the crap out of a New York Times’ photographer and his car. When he wouldn’t get out of the car, the cops dragged him out after climbing in and beating him and his camera with their batons. He was black. They didn’t believe he was with the press.

Frome January 2015 to June 2020, cops in Minneapolis have choked people until they fell unconscious with neck restraints 44 times. George Floyd was one of them and he died.

Since testimony in Derek Chauvin’s trial began on March 29, more than 3 people a day have died at the hands of law enforcement.

The Minneapolis business district has boarded itself up and the National Guard has been called in in case the jury lets Derek Chauvin off.

Systemic racism in policing fun fact: St. Louis has 2 police unions — one for white cops and one for black cops. St. Louis is the birthplace of the Black Lives Matter movement after cops in the whites only union killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager. It went from a hashtag after wanna be cop George Zimmerman got away with murdering teenaged Trayvon Martin in 2013 to a full blown movement a year later after the cops killed Michael Brown and Eric Garner (like George Floyd, the cops choked Eric Garner to death on the street.)

At least 31 police officers in 12 states are being investigated or have been charged in connection with the riot at the Capitol riot. Some may not have been involved in the violence but they were at the rally before the insurrection. Anthony Kern, former cop and Arizona legislator, was one of them. He got fired from the police department for lying. As a legislator, he tried to make it easier for cops who killed people to get removed from Brady’s list. Former cop from Utah, Michael Lee Hardin, has also been charged with his role in the insurrection. He had received the Officer of the Year award after arresting an innocent man for a 25 year old first-degree murder cold case.

The Oathkeepers, who had a leading role in the attack on the Capitol, were trained by active duty police officers.

Police have murdered 982 people in the past year. The police are a public health crisis.

Cops are the most expensive public employees not because they get paid more than teachers and fire fighters but because they get sued so much for shooting and killing people.

Cops committing violent crimes are as common as other violent crimes and should be reported on a daily basis but that would screw up the Protect and Serve narrative that white people and the media really want to believe.

When there is a problem, white people don’t think twice before calling the cops. If you’re black or brown and need help, don’t call the cops. That could get you killed.

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