Institutionalist President Joe Biden has officially informed the National Archives that the White House will not assert executive privilege over any Trump investigations which means that the Archives can officially share documents and records of the Trump presidency with the Select Committee. This is huge. It means that Biden sees Trump as enough of a threat to the institution that he won’t use his power to protect the institution. The media isn’t making a big enough deal out of this historical moment because it’s pre-occupied with trying to get clicks and likes.

The media is making light of the Select Committee’s pledge to advance contempt of Congress referrals to the DOJ on any of the Trumpers who defy subpoenas because it cares more about fueling public anxiety and getting more clicks and likes. It’s not reminding people that the Select Committee is an investigatory committee, not a prosecutorial agency. It can’t prosecute but that’s not what gets clicks and likes. The media has not drawn enough attention to how AG Merrick Garland is keeping his mouth shut like he’s supposed to because that won’t get them any clicks and likes at all. What’s Merrick Garland doing? Anything? ANYTHING? Click, click, click, click, click.

Americans are so addicted to clicks and likes and instant gratification that it can’t take in subtle and slow progress any more. There are 633 cases in the que for prosecution, a congressional inquiry, a formal denial of executive privilege, a neutered pathetic demagogue who is broke and trapped in a gawdy country club wilting because he isn’t getting any clicks and likes because he got booted off of social media, and subpoenas. Chill out.

The Fifth Circuit, the most conservative court of appeals, has reinstated the Texas abortion ban. Women in Texas are back to being property of the state.

Mitch McConnell sent Biden a letter that said he won’t help the Dems out again by raising the debt ceiling. Most of it is his Republican debt but Republican voters have been duped into believing that overspending is the Democrat brand. The truth is its the Republicans that run up the debt and make their voters pay for it but their dumb ass voters still vote for them. Now that they’ve elected Trump and would vote for him again, we know that these idiots will believe literally anything so there’s no hope that they’ll ever figure out that the repugs are spendthrifts and the Dems always have to bail them out.

Deutsch Bank bailed Trump out while he was president by modifying the terms of his DC hotel loan. Trump concealed millions in losses ($17 million a year) as well as outstanding debts plus lied about dangerous conflicts of interest that put the country in danger. Despite him owing a foreign bank hundreds of millions of dollars, and after being impeached twice, attempting a coup, and his business being indicted, people will still vote for him and the GOP will still support him. How do you like that, libtards? Trump! Trump! Trump!

29 attorneys general have sued the postal regulatory commission over Louis DeJoy’s 10 year plan to destroy the post office in order to destroy mail in voting.

Fox just celebrated its 25th anniversary. What would life be like without Fox News? 700,000 wouldn’t be dead. There would be no state run, propaganda TV that lies to the public and then claims they’re an entertainment network whenever they get in trouble, millions of idiots wouldn’t think they know more than doctors, scientists, and historians, gun nuts wouldn’t be waving their personal arsenals around shouting about their second amendment rights, viewers wouldn’t be duped into voting against their own best interests, there wouldn’t be so much hatred, cruelty and violence against everybody who isn’t white and straight, friendships and family relationships wouldn’t be destroyed, Christianity would be more popular, there would be no such thing as a MAGA cult who would attack the US Capitol and attempt to seize control of the government in order to please their cult leader, and all of the right wing media sites that sprung up as a result of Fox News wouldn’t be getting so many clicks and likes.

CSPAN gave Trump free publicity by covering his MAGA rally in Iowa over the weekend. Does Rupert Murdoch own CSPAN now?


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