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4 min readSep 29, 2022
MAGA Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene comforts a fake MAGA political prisoner who is not her husband

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s husband is filing for divorce again. He did it 10 years ago when she was having an affair (marriage is between one man and one woman, don’t forget). The faith family and guns candidate’s husband, who she is supposedly submissive to according to the Bible because she has one less rib, is dumping her 6 weeks before Election Day. She’s been thumping the Bible, preaching about Christian family values on the campaign trail even though they have been separated for awhile. Is he getting out now to protect his assets before she gets sued? Did she get a target letter from DOJ or Fulton County so he’s decided to bail before he’s called upon to bail her out of jail? If they are no longer husband and wife, he can testify against her so that’s good. She claims that gay marriage threatens the sanctity of her 27 year marriage. She’s asking for privacy at this time even though she’s a known stalker.

MAGA’s Miss Piggy, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is running a contest as part of her re-election campaign. The winner gets to meet her, bring a gun, and go hunting for wild hogs from a helicopter.

Hurricane Ian was one of the strongest hurricanes in Florida history. Lee County was hit the hardest. The damage could be catastrophic. It was a Category 4 storm when it hit the coast and is now a tropical storm moving across the state and up the coast. 2 million people are without power.

President Biden authorized federal aid before he was asked. It’s a good thing for Floridians that Trump is not in power and the Democrats are in charge of Congress or Trump could use the catastrophe for revenge on Ron DeSantis who is vying for the presidency. He’ll happily take the socialistic help and take credit for it even though in 2013 when he was a congressman he voted against $9.7 billion in flood insurance aid for Hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey. He’s a climate change denier so he won’t be using his platform to call upon Congress to do something about Americans bearing 25% of the blame for the warming of the oceans with our fossil fuels consumption. Same goes for both of Florida’s US senators, Rick Scott and Marco Rubio. They all think that the libs are making a big deal out of nothing.

Residents of Ft Myers who were able to evacuate will be coming back to find their homes destroyed, all of their belongs washed away, their trees and vehicles gone, roads destroyed, and their neighborhoods torn apart. Those who couldn’t afford to leave (not everybody has credit cards, cash on hand for emergencies, or somewhere to go) are traumatized at the very least, or hurt or dead at the very worst. The water that has overtaken their communities is absolutely filthy — gas, sewage, trash from everywhere, dead animals. It’s going to get worse in the heat.

It costs approximately $1,200 for someone to evacuate. Ron DeSantis could have relocated 10,000 Floridians with the money he wasted on human trafficking refugees from Texas. He has refugees of his own now. Time will tell how he will treat his own.

In the midst of all the terror and destruction, Ron DeSantis found time to go on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Ron DeSantis let over 81,300 people die from COVID in his state for purely political reasons. His lack of leadership killed people.

Lara Trump, Bleeding Gums Eric’s gold digger wife, posted a video of her little boy in distress while she made him peddle his toy tractor down the street in the pouring rain, laughing at him. The water was coming down hard and fast, stinging his eyes. He was really scared and humiliated. It was hard to watch. Everybody got to see how the Trumps make their men in that one video. She said it built character. Eric and Lara turned their back on New York in March and moved to Florida to be near the rest of the crime family. Now Trump and all 3 of his evil spawn and their spouses live in South Florida.

It’s the 40 year anniversary of 7 people dying from taking Tylenol laced with cyanide and we haven’t been able to get the caps off of our over the counter pain meds since. People die from being shot every day and Republicans won’t do anything about it. Guns have no caps.

40 days until Election Day. Doug Mastriano, MAGA Republican running for governor of Pennsylvania, is calling for a 40 day fast in his honor.

Doug Mastriano says women who have abortions should be charged with MURDER.

Another MAGA Republican running for governor, Kari Lake of Arizona, accused her Democratic opponent, Katie Hobbs of supporting the murder of babies.

Marjorie Taylor Greene came in like a hurricane 2 years ago and now that she’s running for re-election on a “traditional family values” platform with a husband suing her for divorce, let’s hope she goes out like a hurricane too.

There are at least 100 far right, extremist, election denying, Qanon believing MAGA Republicans on the ballot for the midterms. As on earth, the climate has changed in American politics too. We can’t let them destroy us. Vote! 40 more days!



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