C’mon, Man!

There is reason to hope for the passing of the Voting Rights Act. Texas Dems are kicking ass at the nation’s capitol, pressuring Congress to get it together and pass the Voting Rights Act NOW. It’s their only hope to defeat the Republicans in Texas making laws to keep Democrats from voting. It’s the only hope for all of the states that are passing laws to make it harder for Dems to vote. The pressure is on and legislators are responding. House Majority Whip James Clyburn, who has been around a long time and is well respected, has really stepped it up and put the pressure on Biden to make this a priority (c’mon, man, you owe me — I delivered South Carolina for you!) He’s publicly said that Joe Manchin, who convinced him not to blow the filibuster up in its entirety, can be convinced that the rules need to be changed so that the filibuster not be used to block anything that has to do with constitutional rights, such as voting rights. He said, “The filibuster is not a law. It’s not in the Constitution. It’s a tradition that’s been misused throughout history to deny civil and voting rights. Our constitutional rights ought not be subject to the filibuster.”

C’mon man, not voting rights.

President Biden hopped to it and made a speech about voting rights at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. He called voting rights a “national imperative” and that the country is “facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.” He said that during his long career he thought he had seen it all but he was wrong. C’mon man. Republicans won’t even agree to debate the Voting Rights Act. He called them out for taking up where Trump left off, “The big lie is just that. A big lie.”

Hats off to the Texas Dems ! They’ve really put state and country before themselves and risked a lot personally to take the cause to Washington. They’re getting a lot of media attention and support. Kamala Harris is meeting with them.

Kamala Harris was once asked if she ever smoked pot. She just laughed the question off. C’mon, man! My family is from Jamaica!

Tucker Carlson said on his show that Texas Democrats are insurrectionists.

Fox doesn’t invite anyone but hard core Republican wackos on their shows to pontificate and spew bullshit and repeat Fox News talking points. They’re scared that if they invite anyone on who doesn’t pass their purity test that they might be confronted on live television. Take Democratic Texas state rep James Talarico who outsmarted Fox’s fox Pete Hegseth who expected to hang him on his show for being a traitor to the United States for abandoning his duty and hiding out in DC. C’mon, man. Hang me? Hang on. He told Pete, “You have made a lot of money personally and you’ve enriched a lot of corporations with advertising by getting on here and spewing lies and conspiracy theories to folks who trust you.”

Finally — Texas is making national news for a good reason!

Governor Greg Abbott has warned Texas Democrats that he’ll have them all arrested if they don’t get their chaps back and vote. He also threatened to lock them up in the state Capitol and not let them out until they vote. Um, that’s a crime.

While the Dems make progress on voting rights, the repugs are moving full steam ahead on destroying them. In Oklahoma, where Trump won in all 77 counties and beat Biden by 30 points, the idiot Republicans still want the 2020 election audited to make people think that all elections are illegitimate.

9 of Trump’s lawyers are in really big trouble for using the court system to push the fallacy that elections are illegitimate. They could be disbarred and thrown in jail. No cause or evidence has ever been found in any of the 2020 election cases that have gone to court. No cheating has been uncovered in audits. This is just a Republican strategy to get people thinking that there is no such thing as a free and fair election so that whenever Dems win in the future they can be contested.

A misogynist Republican (aren’t they all,) Jake Evans, who calls himself the “Conservative Trailblazer” announced he’s running in Georgia against Democrat Lucy McBath by making a TV ad where he drives his all terrain monster penis vehicle down a country road where life size cut outs of Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and AOC pop up as he drives by so he can pummel them with mud with his big ol’ fuckin’ manly truck. The commercial ends with a close up of him holding a woman’s hand while driving his big ol’ fuckin’ manly truck signaling that he’s not only heterosexual, but she’s got a big white dick because just look at his truck. C’mon man, LOOK AT IT!

Health commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey of Tennessee shut down ALL child vaccination programs and fired the person in charge of outreach to minors. She has stopped all community programs, including monthly covid events at schools, and cancelled sending out reminders to teens about getting their second shots. Teens can legally get vaccinated at 14 without an adult’s consent but Dr. Piercey doesn’t want them to. Dr Piercey is a pediatrician. Like Missouri, Tennessee is in big trouble again with covid. Republican Governor Bill Lee, whose position on solving school shootings and opioid addiction is to pray, holds the record for being one of the worst state leaders on handling the pandemic. Daily cases in his state have doubled in the past 2 weeks. Living in Tennessee could mean death.

In lighter, light up news, marijuana activists made their point of wanting Congress to get on with legalizing pot by standing out on the national mall holding up a giant balloon in the shape of a lit joint that read, “Biden, c’mon, man!” 18 states and DC have already legalized it. That’s a lot of tax revenue and drug cartels driven out of business.

The people of Cuba are rising up against their government. They’re out in the streets protesting oppression, the lack of food and vaccines. They want the US to help with humanitarian aid and military intervention. Cuban Americans in Florida, who reliably vote Republican, shut down a highway to protest in solidarity but nobody drove their cars into them or threw them in jail for “rioting.” Those new laws weren’t made for the people who vote for the people who made them. They’re only for black protesters and the people who support them. Governor DeSantis is on the side of the Cuban people. He says you can’t compare Cubans wanting to end a communist regime to BLM (descendants of slaves calling on the government to end systemic racism.) The last time the Cuban people did this was in 1994 when Fidel Castro was alive. He responded by opening up the island’s shores and telling them, “You wanna go? Go!” So people jumped in boats and headed for Miami where they settled, became citizens, and voted for Republicans because Republicans campaigned on telling them that Democrats were communists. Will Governor DeSantis call the National Guard troops off the Texas border back to Florida to keep Cuban boat people out? Of course not.

C’mon man. He wants to president in 2024.

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