Cold Day in Hell

The fossil fuel capitol of the country has no power. Roads are closed, their libertarian electrical grid has failed, stores are running out of food, and small government Republican governor Greg Abbott wants y’all to stay home so you don’t crash your cars on icy roads. He wouldn’t mandate that y’all stay home to not spread the coronavirus, but ice could kill you so you better stay home.

It’s a cold day in hell in Texas. The liberty toting governor has failed. The weather didn’t cause the power failure, the governor turned it off. The weird weather was caused by global warming and now Texans are stuck inside, ill equipped to deal with freezing temperatures.

Texas Republiqans like Ted Cruz, John Cornyn and Greg Abbott laugh at wind and solar and they reject government regulation. We WILL NOT connect to the national grid to borrow power from other states in case something like this ever happens and WE WILL go on balking at renewable energy. Cruz, Cornyn and Abbott can go straight to Hell.

Still want to secede, Lone Star State? Looks like you could use a little federal help there and you’ll get it because your new president isn’t a hateful, spiteful sadist from Hell.

Where are all of the Texan QAnon weirdos at a time like this? Shouldn’t they be plotting to steal the keys to the Jewish space laser to melt the snow? Where the hell are they?!!!!

Texans who still have power have been asked to conserve it so there is some left for others. Texas and “conserve” don’t go together. Libtard blue dots living in the red state will gladly do it, but will those Texans who have been refusing to wear masks or stay home out of respect for others willingly ration their own power, or will they crank it up because to hell with everybody else, I’m a lone star!

Will the governor turn off the lights in empty stadiums, shopping malls and office buildings? Because you can see downtown Houston from space.

25 out of 50 states are having drastic winters for the first time, all at the same time. Global warming. Hell has frozen over.

“The GOP has tricked the majority of Americans into thinking the government is bad hence our collapsing infrastructure and inability to safeguard our fellow citizens from catastrophe. We call ourselves the greatest country on earth yet millions are powerless because of cold weather.” — Daryl Sturgis

Texas Senator John Cornyn blames frozen windmills for the power outage. Poor windmills. Republiqans really have it out for them. Cornyn blames a state wide black out on them and Trump says they’ll give you cancer.

John Cornyn is really scared of Deb Haaland, Biden’s nominee for Interior Secretary, because she’s a hell raising radical who has attended protests to protect the interior.

Meanwhile in Georgia, the criminal investigation into Trump and Lindsey Graham in Fulton County may be moving along, but the Republiqans in state government are still up to their old, evil tricks. They have introduced a bill that would prohibit automatic voter registration and ballot drop boxes and would make voters send copies of their photo ID twice in order to be able to vote by absentee ballot. They are also trying to stick it to girls and transgenders by pushing legislation that would require “a panel of three physicians” to examine the “reproductive organs” and “genetic makeup” of girls to determine if they’ve got a vulva if they want to play sports. And then there’s Trump’s freaky QAnon attorney, Lin Wood, who could be disbarred so he is urging his 800,000 QAnon followers to dig up dirt on anybody who has got dirt on him. He’s even published names and addresses of officials he believes are investigating him so his followers will put them through hell.

Speaker Pelosi announced a plan to start an “outside, independent 9/11-type Commission to investigate and report on the facts and causes relating to the January 6, 2021 domestic terrorist attack upon the United States Capitol Complex.” The problem will be will Republiqans put corrupt seditionists on the committee?

“Our constitutional system is only as good as the people we entrust to lead it.” — Barb McQuade

The Republican Party of North Carolina censured Richard Burr for voting to convict Trump. Pennsylvania is planning on doing the same to Pat Toomey. The GOP is remaining loyal to a madman. Trumpism is here to stay. It will be hell on earth until Trumpism is defeated at every level.

Senator Ron Johnson said he wasn’t scared on the day of the attack at the Capitol. He called those guys “a bunch of idiots.” Never mind that people died, were traumatized and 140 cops were injured, “This didn’t seem like an armed insurrection to me. I mean, armed…..when you hear armed, don’t you think of firearms?” Ron Johnson can go straight to Hell.

Mike Pence not only has not said anything publicly since he was nearly assassinated, but he hasn’t commented on the trial or ever thanked Eugene Goodman publicly for saving his life. He wouldn’t even look at him at the inauguration. It will be a cold day in Hell if Pence ever betrays his master.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Spike Dolomite

Spike Dolomite

Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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