Corrupt as Hell

Spike Dolomite
4 min readOct 3, 2022

The death toll so far in Florida is 76. More than 1,600 people have been rescued. Those who have been allowed back into their homes must sift through the wreckage of their lives. Streets are lined with piles of furniture and clothes. People are pulling everything they own out of the water and sludge and dragging it to the curb. They’re throwing the material part of their lives away.

DeSantis has warned potential looters to think twice before helping themselves to other people’s stuff. “You never know what may be lurking behind somebody’s home. We’re a Second Amendment state.”

On Friday, all 16 corrupt as hell Florida House Republicans plus Rick Scott in the Senate voted against disaster relief for their own state just as Hurricane Ian was ripping through Florida. Marco Rubio blew off voting altogether which is typical for him and one of the many reasons why he needs to lose to Val Demings in November. He’s got the worst attendance and voting record in the Senate. Why would Republicans vote against disaster relief while a disaster was literally happening? Matt Gaetz said they did it because they weren’t willing to let Biden have a win. He admitted that he would do what is necessary to prevent giving the Biden administration any money. Republicans must prove their loyalty to MAGA by letting their constituents suffer just like they did with COVID. Either that or they did it so people wouldn’t be able afford to rebuild and be forced to sell what’s left of their property to big developers who will come in and build condos and make a shit ton of money, resulting in possible kick backs for them? Politicians in Florida have been this crooked for 2 decades — all under Republican rule.

After voting no for $2 billion in disaster relief aid, Rick Scott bragged about fighting for federal aid for Florida after Biden already sent it.

Both Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Ron DeSantis voted no on disaster relief for the victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey 10 years ago.

DeSantis hasn’t stopped running his re-election campaign ads during a statewide catastrophe and every time he goes on TV he plugs HIS relief fund that is managed by his wife and has no oversight. He is asking for cash donations only, no food or water. This can only mean one thing. He’s going to use this fund for corrupt purposes.

The state has a $22 billion surplus so why did DeSantis and his wife set up their own fund? Because they’re corrupt as hell, that’s why.

Trump did a MAGA rally in Wisconsin and thanked Ginni Thomas for sticking to her story. He claimed he finished the wall. Nobody asked themselves how there could be an invasion of immigrants like the MAGA Republicans and Fox News says there is if there is a wall keeping them out. He also claimed victory again. “I ran twice and I won twice.” On his way home from the rally, sitting in the comfort of a private jet that his idiot cult followers pay for, Trump urged the people of Brazil to vote for Jair Bolsonaro that day. “He’s respected by everybody all throughout the world. He will be your leader for hopefully a long time.” Bolsonaro didn’t win so now there will be a runoff on October 30. He’s a Putin ally, the Trump of Brazil. MAGA Republicans are crying election fraud over another country’s election. They’re all owned by Putin — corrupt has hell.

Beto and Greg Abbott had their one and only debate without an audience in a 1,000 seat theatre because Abbott was scared of getting booed and being confronted by families whose children have been murdered because he favors guns and their paranoid owners over the general public. Families of the Uvalde victims arrived at the venue and were denied entrance. Abbott was given another advantage by not having to debate on a platform that would elevate him in his wheelchair to be equal to Beto’s height. Beto was made to sit. He was forced down to Abbott’s level. This race should be no contest because Beto is superior to Abbott in every way, but it’s Texas, and like Florida, it’s corrupt as hell.

The National Archives say they’re still missing classified documents. Trump is still holding on to some.

The woman who lured legal refugees on to Ron DeSantis’ chartered jet has been identified. She is a former Army counterintelligence agent named Perla Huerta. She was discharged a month ago. She used to live in Niceville which is where Matt Gaetz lives. It’s also close to both airports Ron DeSantis used to traffic refugees. Matt Gaetz is in on this. He’s corrupt as hell.

The Supreme Court’s new session begins today. The first Black female justice will be overshadowed by an activist, illegitimate, corrupt as hell, Catholic Republican court, contrasted by the only other Black justice who turned his back on his own past and Black community, behaves and votes like an old Republican white man, and whose wife was involved in Trump’s attempted coup.

Trump lawyer Christina Bobb has hired her own lawyer and is cooperating with the DOJ. She did more than sign off on the classified documents taken by the FBI. She was part of the fraudulent electors scheme and was at the Willard Hotel with Rudy on January 6. She’s corrupt as hell and could go to jail for 20 years if she doesn’t cooperate so she’s talking.



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