Corruption Cabal on the Shining State on the Hill

Spike Dolomite
5 min readMay 19, 2021


Andrew Giuliani is running for Governor of New York. He says he will use his dad as an “asset” in his campaign because he was the “greatest mayor in the history of this country.” During his press conference where he announced his candidacy he looked over at the Statue of Liberty and asked, “Which one is that? Is that Miss Manhattan or Lady Liberty?” Then he said, “any community that has a charter school will get a charter school…….I do believe that people should be vaccinated. I’m not vaccinated. New York truly is that shining state on the hill.” He has already done an interview with Russian TV. He thinks he can become governor so he can pardon his corrupt dad and corrupt Trump, who gave him a job as a sports expert in the White Supremacist House.

The House is going to vote this morning on creating a bipartisan commission to investigate what exactly happened on January 6. The QAnon side of the Republiqan party is against it because they are all corrupt and worried that they’ll get found out for being part of it. Steve Scalise, House Whip, is telling members to vote no. He and Qevin McCarthy don’t want their involvement exposed. McCarthy is scared that he’ll be called as a witness. No members of Congress will be on the commission which means Q members won’t be privy to what’s going on and thus won’t be able to sabotage or spin the results. They’re freaking out.

Hitler’s first coup attempt failed. No one was held accountable. 10 years later he tried again and succeeded. If Trump and the corrupt Republiqans get away with the botched insurrection they’ll try again and succeed.

Marjorie Taylor Greene made a floor speech where she went off on BLM. She defended the domestic terrorists who have been arrested for trying to take over the government by saying that the people who breached the Capitol are being abused in federal custody. Yes, she actually used the word “breached.”

QAnon members of Congress have united in an act of defiance to go maskless on the House floor to protest a hoax. Brian Mast, Lauren Boebert Marjorie Taylor Greene, Bob Good, Thomas Massie, Mary Miller, Beth Van Duyne, Greg Steube, and Chip Roy think they’re making some sort of statement on liberty by thumbing their noses and middle fingers at House rules and taking a selfie. They’re facing a $500 fine for first offense and $2500 for the second but they don’t care because LIBERTY! Long live Q!

As white people all over the country are becoming millionaires by growing and selling marijuana legally, black people like unarmed Andrew Brown in North Carolina are still being killed by corrupt cops over drug warrants. They shot at him 15 times and the DA said it was justified so no cops will be investigated or charged with murder, sounding more like a defense attorney than a district attorney. He said that the cops were just eliminating a threat. He got shot in the back of the head as he was driving away.

While black people are continually being perceived as a threat and are being eliminated by the cops, scores of white corrupt politicians are committing insider trading and breaking campaign finance laws, plus getting away with sexual assault, tax fraud, bribery, and sedition without consequence. So they keep doing it.

The Trump Organization is now being investigated as a criminal case on top of a civil case. The Manhattan DA is now working with the New York AG. Trump is corrupt as hell and is freaking the fuck out because at long last he might not get away with it.

Critical race theory, an academic concept about systemic racism, has become a threat to white supremacy so Republicans are making laws to stop it from being taught to kids in school. At least 6 states have introduced bills that will keep white washed history in place.

Linda Zhang, the chief engineer of the all electric Ford F-150 truck that debuts today led the development of an electric engine that is better than their gas trucks. If truck owners like it and prefer it over all other options, then Americans who are notorious for not caring about the environment will lead the nation and world in reducing fossil fuel emissions thus cooling down the planet. Linda is a triple threat to Republicans. She’s an immigrant (she moved here when she was 8 and didn’t speak a word of English), is Chinese, and a woman.

It sucks to live in Florida. It really does. On top of being one of the most dangerous places to live insofar as the virus is concerned, their governor is corrupt as Trump, a couple of high profile Republicans are facing jail time for being as corrupt as Trump, and both of their senators are douches and as shitty as Trump. Rick Scott (who ripped off Medicare and is as corrupt as Trump) is against Floridians collecting unemployment. He says, “you shouldn’t be paying people more not to work.” Republicans in the Senate have been paid not to work for 12 years. Marco Rubio says America is on the road to decline and humiliation because of cancel culture, demanding the use of the right pronouns to describe people, and making stuff up about the return of a Jim Crow era.

America has been far down the road of decline and humiliation because of the corrupt cabal on the shining state on the hill — the Republican Party.

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