The National Butterfly Association has closed indefinitely due to QAnon weirdos who won’t go away. The weirdos have been demonstrating outside of the sanctuary located at the Texas border believing that the center, which is home to 200 butterfly species, is part of a human trafficking operation and gives safe harbor to people who are pouring into the country illegally over the Rio Grande. The center feels that the demonstrators pose a threat to visitors and staff so the board of directors decided to close its doors. They had to close last week due to Trump’s MAGA rally that was held next to it. The sanctuary attracted more than butterflies that day. It attracted a lot of crazy people who stopped in to kill time while they were waiting for their cult leader to show up. They freaked the peaceful butterfly lovers out so the staff kicked the crazies and the butterfly people out and put up a closed sign.

One of the crazy people who attended the MAGA rally next to the butterfly sanctuary said Joe Biden was “fake” in an interview and that “the real Biden was assassinated at Gitmo in 2019.” She also said that Michael Jackson, JFK, Jr., and Princess Diana will be at Trump’s upcoming inauguration because he helped them “escape.”

Trump loving Nikki Haley endorsed unqualified semi-literate Herschel Walker for US Senate in Georgia in a TV ad. She said, “He will make you proud” with a straight face. Is she crazy? Who will he make proud? Semi-literate Republican voters or Republicans in Congress who will put a pen in his hand and tell him where to sign like they did with Trump?

Former US Senator David Perdue and incumbent Brian Kemp are going to invoke Trump as they campaign against each other in the race for governor of Georgia because they’re crazy for Trump. That’s only going to help Stacy Abrams in her run for the same seat. While they slam dance with the devil in the mosh pit of the Big Lie with crazy people who are still talking about Hilary Clinton, she’ll be dancing with the stars of American history.

A candidate for governor in Michigan told people to unplug voting machines if they don’t like what’s going on because America has gone crazy.

Joe Biden grossed everybody out by trying to be so bipartisan that he flattered Mitch McConnell when he spoke at a prayer breakfast.

Crazy Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert doesn’t know what a constitutional amendment is.

Pamela Moses has been sentenced to 6 years in jail in Memphis, Tennessee because she tried to do the responsible thing as a citizen and register to vote after serving her time in jail. She did everything she was told to do to be able to register to vote again and even had a certificate proving her status. There was an error in the system which flagged her as ineligible. She did everything she could to get it straightened out and thought she was good to go but she got arrested. The judge accused her of trying to “trick” the system. Pamela Moses is Black. All of the white MAGAs who voted twice for Trump using dead relatives’ ballots got a slap on the wrist. The worst punishment any of them got was 3 days in jail. They committed outright voter fraud, the kind that the Republicans claimed that Democrats did.

200,000 people are without power again in Texas due to an unnatural winter storm and a Republican governor.

A 51 year old anti-vax state trooper from the state of Washington, Robert LaMay is dead. He died from covid after telling the governor to kiss his ass. He was a regular on Fox News and was given crazy celebrity status. The father of four said if God wanted him to take the vaccine he would have given him a sign (a free, easily accessible vaccine wasn’t it.) On 10/19/21 he went on Laura Ingraham’s show so she could pump him and her audience up by telling him that she hoped he had awakened “a sleeping giant.” After going on Fox nearly every day as an anti-vax hero, he died and Fox hasn’t mentioned him since.

Two nurses on Long Island, Julie DeVuono and Marissa Urraro, were caught selling fake vaccine cards. They made over $1.5 million. Julie DeVuono’s husband is an NYPD officer and is being investigated as being part of the scam.

A man in Boston has been denied a heart transplant because he refuses to get the covid vaccine. His family is raising hell but the hospital isn’t going to give in. It’s policy is that anybody who benefits from an organ transplant needs to be able to maximize their own chances of survival and that includes vaccines. In other words a new heart is a gift that won’t be squandered on a spoiled brat heartless crazy shit head.

Cuba has a high vaccination rate with no mandate because Cubans aren’t crazy.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Spike Dolomite

Spike Dolomite

Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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