Crime Time

Spike Dolomite
3 min readMar 22


Trump is trying to decide if a perp walk would be fun for him. He’s wondering if he should smile for the cameras or not.

The only protests in New York yesterday were a handful of MAGAs and people who were in favor of Trump getting indicted.

On January 6 Trump told his followers to “Fight like hell or you won’t have a country anymore.” Now he wants his followers to “take our nation back” over the trouble he’s in with a porn star.

Rudy Giuliani says this is just a private sexual matter. Then he pivoted to the guy the Republicans impeached over a private sexual matter. What about Bill Clinton? He was president and did it in the Oval Office with a young girl and he didn’t get prosecuted!

“In this country, no one, even President Clinton, is above the law.” — Ken Starr, 1998

Marjorie Taylor Greene told Lindell TV, “If they indict President Trump on fake charges, to go after him to try to stop the movement that they cannot stop, he is going to win 2024 in a landslide victory and then we’ll put him in the White House and he will finish what he started. We will gut the government of all the traitors that are serving the globalists and America last.”

Former President Jimmy Carter is in hospice and has asked President Biden to eulogize him. Former Lt Governor of Texas, Ben Barnes, has come forward to confess that he was part of a Republican operation to keep hostages in Iran long enough to sabotage Jimmy Carter’s 1980 presidential campaign. One of the elections Republicans stole. The hostages were kept for 444 days. If they had been released before the election he would have undoubtedly won because he got the hostages out. He lost because Reagan told Iran not to let the hostages out. Ben Barnes told on himself because his conscience was getting to him now that Jimmy Carter is dying. He waited 40 years to speak publicly about what really happened. The Republicans committed treason to get Reagan into the White House which means the Republicans were as evil as they are now BEFORE Reagan. They were just a lot more devious and smarter back then.

6 Proud Boys showed up at a drag queen story hour at the LGBTQ Community Center in New York City to “help people” and got their asses kicked.

Atlanta prosecutors are considering bringing racketeering and conspiracy charges in connection with Donald Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election.

A Fox producer who has worked with Maria Bartiromo and Tucker Carlson filed lawsuits against the company in New York and Delaware, accusing Fox lawyers of coercing her into giving misleading testimony in the Dominion legal battle.

A lone Trump supporter was spotted outside the Manhattan courthouse and was asked why he loved Trump so much. He said it was because he was against George Soros and his gay son.

The grifting Trump family didn’t report 100 gifts from foreigners worth $300,000.

Special Counsel Jack Smith has busted Trump for lying to his own attorneys about the classified documents. Trump has committed so many crimes that they’re finding MORE crimes as they investigate others.



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