Crisis Prevention

Spike Dolomite
4 min readAug 24, 2021


Florida has reached its all time high for covid cases and deaths even though there is a VACCINE! All of the death and suffering was totally preventable. This is all on Governor Ron Death Sentence and the Republicans in Florida. Profits and politics over people. That was preventable too. Don’t vote for Republicans.

There have been 42,143 cases of covid and 726 deaths in Florida and Governor Death Sentence says there is nothing to see here. This is not an emergency. US Senator Rick Scott concurs. He too is opposed to government mandates to control a public health crisis. These 2 men are killing residents of their state on both the state and federal level. All of this misery was preventable but people in Florida voted for them.

A mom in Jacksonville, Florida lost her 2 adult sons 12 hours apart from covid.

An unvaccinated family in Louisiana went on a vacation and they all got covid. Everybody recovered except for one who is on a ventilator after having to deliver her baby a month early. She’s 24 — the youngest patient in the ICU. Her mom said that the whole family had thought what “everybody around the world thought” and that was covid wasn’t a big deal. The rest of the world says, “That’s not what we thought! Get the damn vaccine and turn off Fox News!” What’s worse is they’re still unvaccinated even though their daughter/wife/sister/mom is gasping for air on her death bed.

Politicians letting their constituents die and families letting their relatives die. Nobody had to die. All of this was preventable. People knowingly let people die.

Vaccinated people have had it with these people. To that, those people say, “Look whose hating now! Haters haters haters!”

Idealists want the vaccinated people to see the humanity in the unvaccinated people and see them as misled and misunderstood. To that, people who have run out of patience because all of these poor fools say, “We hate this! Get the hell away from us and get the damned vaccine!”

“I hate the fact that my chances of survival seem to be linked to the common sense and decency of people who don’t even want to protect their own children.” — Mohamad Safa

The unvaccinated who die will go down in history as being the first people on earth that committed genocide against themselves.

All of this perfectly good vaccine going to waste because people are so stubborn and stupid they’d rather it rot than take it. America is wasting vaccines like it does food while the rest of the world remains hungry for vaccines and food. The richest country in the world lets itself rot.

All of this waste, arrogance, pain, anger and death is preventable. If people were educated they wouldn’t let America go to waste and they’d take the vaccine.

Kids going to school, catching covid and dying and kids going to school and getting shot. Only in America and both preventable if you don’t vote for Republicans.

A catastrophe in Virginia has been averted. You can’t go to school in Virginia and spread covid. Masks are mandatory. The University of Virginia is disenrolling unvaccinated students.

The governor of Hawaii is asking tourists not to visit because their hospitals and ICUs are filling up with covid patients. A bigger catastrophe in Hawaii is avoidable because the leadership is putting people before profits.

In other news, Rudy Giuliani was spotted sitting alone at a restaurant at JFK Airport, eating and shaving his face with an electric razor, the feds have gotten ahold of phone records of Republicans in the House and Senate who had been chatting on January 6th, the leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, was sentenced to 155 days in jail for destroying a BLM flag that was hanging at a historic Black church in Washington DC and for bringing high capacity magazines into DC, the guy who threatened to blow up the Capitol is being charged with weapons of mass destruction and could go to jail for the rest of his life. Home cured hams that have gone to waste and should be tossed over the obnoxious MAGA neighbor’s fence like in Season One of The Osbournes.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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