Daily Affirmations with Donald Trump

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people LOVE me

It has been affirmed that the Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 headed for Canada was shot down by an Iranian missile. If Trump hadn’t nearly started WWIII, 176 innocent people would be alive and back home by now. What did Trump say about it? The plane was flying in a “bad neighborhood.”

Trump, Pence and Pompeo are out there spinning different affirmative messages about why Trump almost started WWIII.

Trump said he did it because Iran was going to blow up our embassy. He forgot to mention it earlier but that’s why. That was the “imminent threat.” He couldn’t tell Congress because the information was too sensitive but he could blurt it out at a rally.

Pompeo went on Fox and affirmed, “There is no doubt there were a series of imminent attacks being plotted. We don’t know when and where. But it was real.” Imminent attacks could happen so we fixed it so they wouldn’t happen and then they happened.

Pence said, “When one American life was lost at the hands of Iranian backed militias just a few short weeks ago, POTUS launched the first airstrikes against them in 10 years.” An imminent, affirmative threat. Yes sir.

The “imminent threat” of 2020 is the WMD of 2003.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi has told Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that it is affirmative. Get out. It’s time to get out. Get your things and go. Get the hell out of Iraq.

The House voted affirmatively to limit Trump’s war powers. 8 Democrats voted no. 3 Republicans voted yes. One of them was Matt Gaetz. The world has gone crazy.

Republican kiss ass Congressman Kevin McCarthy held a press conference to say that all bad guys are legitimate targets for the US to hit. It doesn’t matter what the consequences are. Does that mean we get to take out Trump now?

Speaker Pelosi is a big San Francisco 49ers fan. She has season tickets but she won’t be going to the playoffs this weekend because she says she has to “save our country from peril.” Nancy Pelosi is the only person in the US government with real power who has affirmed their obligation to the Constituation and loyalty to the country.

The New York City Bar Association sent a letter to Congressional leaders urging them “to commence formal inquiries into a pattern of conduct by Attorney General William P. Barr that threatens public confidence in the fair and impartial administration of justice.” Bill Barr could lose his bar license. That would be really big news if the headlines weren’t filled with the Iranians shooting down a passenger plane, the impeachment of a criminal US president, and a royal couple defecting from the royal family.

Meanwhile, Diamond & Silk argued that Trump didn’t have to consult Congress about getting the bad guy Soleimani because Democrats tried a “coup” and impeached him, Republican Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen wrote a bill to take the word “homosexuality” out of all public school teaching materials, Jared still has a job even though he was supposed to fix the Middle East, and scientists have discovered a radio signal from a nearby galaxy.

“Can you imagine the poor extraterrestrial who intercepts Hannity radio broadcasts?” — Adam Rifkin

Trump had the nerve to do a MAGA rally in Toledo last night. Before hitting the stage he affirmed in a tweet: Under my administration, we will NEVER make excuses for America’s enemies — we will never hesitate in defending American lives — and we will never stop working to defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism! Trump Trump! Trump!

Pump ’em up. Pump ’em up. Terrorism. Terrorism. TERRORISM!!!! Get the bad guys. Get the bad guys. Enemies affirmative! Lock her up! Kill ’em all!

He played his greatest hits for the rabid, dim witted crowd and added a couple of new zingers: On China he said, “We don’t want to send you any tanks, because we’re going to kick your ass!” On the Democrats he said, “They are vicious, horrible people … they are horrible people.”

Right after the rally Trump tweeted: Democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, socialism, and blatant corruption. The Republican Party is the party of the American Worker, the American Family, and the American Dream!

By doing a MAGA rally right after almost starting WWIII and incessantly tweeting once again about himself (daily affirmations about how great he is,) his enemies (just about everybody,) and his never ending lies (anything and everything,) he is affirming to the world, once again, that he is dangerous and unfit to be president. He must be removed. NOW.

“It is unforgivable that no Republican elected official is stepping up to stop this madness. If we survive this, these people shouldn’t be allowed to show their faces in public ever again.” — Zac Petkanas

Affirmative. Action.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.