Hey America! While you’re impeaching me I’m in the Oval Office with Russia plotting the next attack on the 2020 election. Fuck you, America. I’m king of the world!

On what should have been an historical, momentous occasion, the announcement of articles of impeachment towards the president of the United States, Trump stole the spotlight by hosting Russia in the White House and not inviting the press, and NBC gave Bill Barr carte blanche to change the day’s narrative into deep state bullshit by giving him a one hour interview and focusing on it most of the day. He said that Obama and the FBI posed a greater threat to democracy than Russia by using law enforcement agencies and the intelligence agencies to spy on political opponents. He dismissed the Russia investigation, attacked the free press, and slammed the FBI and inspector general. He called the whole investigation a bogus story fanned by an irresponsible press. This is incredibly dangerous.

The United States Attorney General is enabling Trump to serve as a dictator, threatening police violence. We’re in danger.

“Bill Barr is the second most dangerous man in America” — Max Boot

Trump is going to sign an executive order defining Judaism as a nationality, not just a religion. This is very dangerous and very un-American and it’s already been done before.

Transgenders can’t change their gender but the government can change your nationality.

Jews were targeted and shot at a kosher market in Jersey City, New Jersey. 6 people have died. The mass shooting happened 2 days after Trump made an anti-Semitic speech on the same day that he announced he is reclassifying Jews. Trump has endangered Jews.

Jews and Doctors were arrested at a Border Patrol headquarters in San Diego. They were there demanding that they be allowed to give flu vaccinations to innocent, imprisoned people who have been dying from the flu. The Army was called in to remove them. The US military is being used to apprehend US citizens. This is un-American and dangerous and going exactly as planned by a dictatorship government.

The Nazis never abandoned Hitler like the Republicans will never abandon Trump. They stuck with Hitler even after their own lives were ruined and they were tried and prosecuted. Better to stick with the cult than admit to oneself that you were suckered in by a mad man. Play it safe and gamble with danger.

“I’ll never comprehend what happened to the GOP. The obsession with conspiracy theories, the lies, propaganda, denial of object truth -this is the most horrifying threat in my lifetime to our freedom derived from reason. They’re putting a bullet in the brain of democracy. But why?” — Kurt Eichenwald

The MAGA rally in Pennsylvania was redder than usual. The crowd must have been given thousands of free red hats. Trump used the televised opportunity to claim that his campaign was spied on. He called FBI investigators “scum.” He called Adam Schiff a crooked bastard. “While we’re delivering historic victories for the American people, the radical left Democrats and the failed Washington establishment are trying to erase your votes, nullify the election, and overthrow our democracy. It’s not going to happen.”

It is going to happen, but not by the Democrats or the establishment. It’s going to happen by Trump.

All of those brain washed people, wearing free red hats showing up on the day that impeachment articles have been announced, eating out of the palm of Trump’s very dirty hand is scary as hell and very, very dangerous. These people call themselves proud and free Americans but they are anything but free and their ignorance and obedience have put us all in danger.

“Every single time Trump speaks, it becomes painfully clear that the United States has been compromised. We are pushing a pro-Russia foreign policy while trashing our allies, our values and our reputation. I will never forgive the people who did this to us.” — Adam Parkanhomenko

Doctors offering to treat imprisoned migrants are being arrested. War criminals are being pardoned. The government is assigning nationality to the Jews. The constitution is on fire. A maniacal sociopath in debt to the world’s villains has taken control of our democracy. The Republican Party has taken it’s place in history alongside the Nazi Party. A small group of white people have almost all of the wealth and want it all. The planet is dying. We’re in serious danger and we don’t have much time. A 2020 blue wave is our only hope. Hindsight is 2020.

Get people registered to vote. America doesn’t have much time.

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