Steve Bannon admitted that he met with Trump and Giuliani the day before the insurrection on his podcast, the “War Room.” They talked about how to “kill the Biden presidency.”

The White House has agreed to comply with Congress’s request to release information they have on what Trump and his henchmen were doing right before the insurrection.

The Select Committee issued 4 subpoenas to Trump’s top 4 henchmen: Steve Bannon (Trump’s dick chainey,) Dan Scavino (Trump’s social media dick,) Mark Meadows (Trump’s chief of staph and organizer of demonic germs,) and Kashyap Patel (chief of staph to Trump’s place holder at the Department of Defense, Chris Miller, who denied the numerous calls for the national guard to be deployed on January 6.) They’re not messing around. The Select Committee is going straight for the top.

After months of recounting votes in Maricopa County, it was found that Joe Biden did in fact win the election. Actually, he won by 360 more votes. A handful of people made lots of of money off this grift. Mission accomplished.

“So the Cyber Ninjas confirmed that Joe Biden won Maricopa County in AZ. This is after they made millions, spread doubt about the election, destroyed voting machines, motivated other states to pursue ‘fraudits’ and weakened American democracy.” — Steven Beschloss

Trump is demanding that Greg Abbott audit the 2020 election even though he beat Biden by 5 points.

David Simon, the creator of The Wire, an HBO mini-series, is moving production out of Texas because he says that as an employer, he won’t be privy to any of his female employees losing their civil liberties. Likewise, Salesforce is moving out of Texas and is helping its employees make the move.

Madison Cawthorn led an anti-mask protest at a school board meeting in North Carolina. Parents wore shirts and carried signs that read, “I don’t co-parent with the government.” The Daily Show’s John Klapper showed up to allow grown ass adults to embarrass themselves on camera. He told one, “If you don’t want to co-parent with the government don’t get pregnant in Texas.”

Madison Cawthorn is such an idiot. He actually said it would be illegal for airlines to require vaccines because, “you actually have a constitutionally protected right to free, unrestricted travel within the United States.”

88 year old Iowa senator Chuck Grassley has announced he’s running for re-election for another 6 year term.

The Supreme Court has the lowest approval rating of any time during its polled history. Most Americans don’t trust or respect the highest court in the land. Justice Clarence Thomas blames that on the “political judges.” He recently told a Notre Dame crowd, “I think the court was thought to be the least dangerous branch, and we may have become the most dangerous.” Never mind that he voted in favor of Citizens United so the Court could overturn laws restricting money in politics which has, in turn, politicized the Court.

1/3 of the Supreme Court was put there by a reality TV star. A twice impeached, illegitimate, one term, racist, sexist, tax cheat and criminal. One of those 3 justices, Brett Kavanaugh, was protected by the FBI when it conspired to ignore 4,500 tips that came in when they were supposedly investigating him during his confirmation hearing. They turned those tips over to Trump which makes Kavanaugh a beneficiary of a conspiracy to obstruct justice. He was confirmed even after he was accused of sexual assault on the 2 year anniversary of when the story broke that the future president of the United States was caught on an Access Hollywood tape admitting to and laughing about sexual assault. Even though Kavanaugh lied to Congress, Trump said he was the real victim and told the DOJ to save him.

20 years earlier Brett Kavanaugh was on George W. Bush’s legal team and helped persuade the Supreme Court to stop the Bush/Gore recount. Bush “won” and went on to appoint 2 justices — Samuel Alito and John Roberts.

19 years before Kavanaugh was confirmed, Clarence Thomas was nominated by Bush’s dad and confirmed after Anita Hill bravely came forward during his confirmation hearing to tell Congress that he had sexually harassed her when they worked together at the US Department of Education.

Rape culture, sanctioned dark money in politics, the gutting of the Voting Rights Act and the reversal of Roe v Wade. Ya, the Supreme Court is dangerous.

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