Dead End

Spike Dolomite
4 min readAug 18, 2021


1 in 5 ICUs in 95% of hospitals across the country have no room for anybody who has had a heart attack, been shot or been in a horrible car accident because unvaccinated people are selfish and stupid and taking up all of the beds because now they have the Delta variant which accounts for 98.8% of all covid cases. Hospitalizations have doubled over the past three weeks, and it’s just getting worse.

Here’s where we’re at now with the pandemic of the unvaccinated. If you live in a red state and your kid gets hit by a car and is so badly injured that they need to be air lifted to the hospital they’ll have to wait until another child dies of covid before they can get a bed in the pediatric ICU.

In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has tested positive for covid. He’s been vaccinated three times (the third time was a booster shot that is not available to the public) so he’s fine. Hours before he found out he gave himself covid, he bragged about being at a standing room only (no pun intended) Republican super spreader fundraiser. Not only is he triple vaccinated, but he gets to take the Regeneron treatment which is available to the rich and powerful only. Has this changed his mind about using his power to reduce the spread of covid in Texas? No. He’s sticking by his guns (pun intended — he’s also killing people with his loose chap gun laws) and is not doing anything to protect the public even though there aren’t any ICU beds available in the state, they don’t have enough nurses, and he had to order 5 refrigerator trucks to store dead bodies in.

Sane people are finding work arounds with Greg Abbott’s ban on school masks. One school board is classifying masks as part of the dress code. A county judge in Dallas filed a restraining order against Abbott’s ban and made an emergency order that all schools must mandate masks. Now he has to deal with a couple of hundred anti-vaxxers gathering outside of his house every night screaming at him and his family.

Florida has more covid cases than 30 states combined. 208,587 children either tested positive or were exposed to covid on the 3rd day of school in one county in Florida. 5,600 kids in Tampa are now in quarantine. School just started.

In Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey is taking $163 million in federal funds allocated by the American Rescue Plan that is meant for all schools and is giving it to schools that don’t have a mask mandate. He’s penalizing schools that defy him by withholding funds, calling it a grant program. Officials in Tucson could face a Class 3 misdemeanor and up to 30 days in jail if they implement a mask mandate.

Two anti-vaxxers, a married couple in Georgia, died within hours of each other after the whole family got covid. The teenaged kids were sick with it when their parents died. Now they’re orphans. Dad was a chemist and mom was a nurse. Neither one of them was as smart as they thought they were.

Alabama, the state with the lowest vaccination rate in the country, doesn’t have any ICU beds available. One doctor has had it with unvaccinated idiots. He won’t treat them. Go somewhere else with your deadly bullshit.

Christian radio host, Jimmy DeYoung, who said the covid vaccine was “government control” is dead. From covid.

In San Diego, California, the Florida of California, tattooed anti-vaxxers stormed a County Board of Supervisors meeting to make fools of themselves and spread conspiracy theories. One accused the elected officials of “crimes against humanity.” She brought a Bible with her but said she’d burn if anybody touched it. “We’re coming for every single fucking one of you!” Another raged at the board and accused them of violating the Nuremberg Code. He called them all Nazis. “Heil Fauci!” he chanted and then yelled, “your children and your children’s children will be subjugated!”

Anti vaxxers and gun nuts are cut from the same ether soaked cloth. They suck up all the attention because they’re so obnoxious. Parents who want kids to wear masks at school are being drowned out by the loud mouth idiots who don’t want their kids to wear masks at school even though kids are getting sick with covid after being exposed at school, just like the second amendment lunatics scream over the parents who want stronger gun laws after there’s been another school shooting.

“Please be nice to unvaccinated people” is a thing now. The High Road people started it. This road has a dead end so no.

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