221,000 are now dead from the coronavirus and Trump is out there blatantly rubbing the country’s face in the fact that he expects to get re-elected by not caring about it. The Trump Plague is the #3 cause of death in America. That needs to be emphasized more in the media.

By doing super spreader events he’s not only putting his biggest fans in danger but he’s putting his staff and the media in danger too. He is knowingly and willingly getting MAGAs killed and they willingly let themselves be sacrificed on the altar of reality TV. MAGA is a death cult. He sold them the koolaid and they bought it. They literally are so loyal to their cult leader that they’re willing to die for him.

His plan for the coronavirus is to let the quackery expert’s herd immunity idea kill millions of people so he doesn’t have to deal with it. Mega death MAGAs are fine with it because it’s only reality TV. The Trump administration has normalized mass death.

The last presidential debate is in 2 days. The only thing left to debate is whether or not Trump is killing us out of stupidity or because he’s pure evil.

Trump told the MAGAs that Dr. Fauci was an “idiot” and a “disaster.” He said people are tired of hearing about the pandemic so they’re tired of hearing about the pandemic. They cheered and breathed in the virus. Dr. Fauci and his family receive death threats because of Trump.

When a reporter asked Trump a question he got mad and accused him of being a criminal for not reporting on the Hunter Biden smear story. He called Joe Biden a criminal too. If you don’t like Trump or didn’t vote for him, you’re dead to him.

Trump is desperate and throwing piles of his own shit at the wall hoping against all hope that something will stick — Biden’s candidacy is illegitimate, Hunter Biden is _________, the Biden family is a crime family. Nothing is sticking. He’s dead in the water.

4 years ago Reince Priebus said that as soon as the election was over they buried it in the backyard and acted like it never happened. Now he’s out there campaigning for Trump again as coronavirus cases increase and death tolls rise, 2 weeks out from the election, pretending like all of the people who have died from it are buried in the back yard.

Tucker Carlson had Osama bin Laden’s niece on his show to tell his audience that her supporting Trump is worse than being bin Laden’s niece.

Trump has been pushing the QAnon conspiracy theory that bin Laden is not dead.

Nikki Haley has attached her wagon to yet another star by publicly endorsing Greg Gianforte’s campaign for governor in Montana. He’s the congressman who cold cocked a member of the free press a couple of years ago. He’s a supernova and can explode at any minute. Nikki should just get out of the way but she’s got a thing for death stars.

The Grim Reaper is coming for Rush Limbaugh. Lung cancer. He said, “It’s tough to realize that the days where I do not think I’m under a death sentence are over.” What’s a guy like Rush Limbaugh ponder on his death bed?

This morning Trump called in to Fox and Friends and said that Congressman Adam Schiff “ought to be put away” or “something should happen with him — Adam Schiff ought to be investigated for what he does.” Adam Schiff receives death threats because of Trump. One man who was charged with threatening to kill him said he had a right to defend “his president.”

When people in Iraq lit effigies of Bush on fire in the streets in 2013 and chanted, “Death to America!” Americans were horrified, even people who didn’t vote for Bush. Today zombies of America prop up an effigy of a salesman and chant Death to America by shouting, “12 more years!”

Trump is radicalizing young white male Americans to become killers in the exact same way that ISIS does. White extremists are killing people or trying to kill people for Trump. Nobody is committing acts of terror, violence, or murder in Joe Biden’s name.

There has been so much death because of Trump. 3,000 in Puerto Rico, untold numbers in migrant concentration camps, Jamal Khashoggi, the coronavirus, vigilantes killing protesters, wars, innocent people being forced back to their countries to face certain death. The casualties of the Trump presidency are Trump’s death wish.

The Republicans are to blame. They have literally let Trump get away with murder.

Americans are watching their country die. They are grief stricken, angry, sad, depressed, exhausted, fatigued, and scared to death.

14 days until election day. Will Trump destroy himself or us first?

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