Defending the Indefensible

“The white man will try to satisfy us with symbolic victories rather than economic equity and justice” — Malcolm X

President Biden will sign a new law today that commemorates the last day of slavery, June 19, as a national holiday — “Juneteenth.” Senator John Cornyn said he and the other Republicans voted for it as a symbolic gesture — here, have a holiday to celebrate emancipation but we’re not going to let schools teach kids about it. Irony of ironies — he’s a senator from Texas where the last slaves were freed. After the Civil War was over and slavery was abolished, it took 2 years for the news to reach Galveston because there was no 24 hour Fox News to keep slave owners jacked up. It’s been awhile since Congress made a national holiday. The last one was in 1983 for Martin Luther King Day. The late Congressman, John Conyers of Michigan introduced the legislation every session from 1968 until 1983 until it finally passed. Every single Democrat in both the House and Senate voted yes on the Juneteenth holiday. 14 white male Republicans voted no. Among them were Andrew Clyde (one of the members of the Sedition Caucus who said that the January 6th mob was nothing more than a tour group but when members of Congress were barricaded in their chambers he was caught on camera shitting his pants, scared to death, he also refused to shake Officer Michael Fanone’s hand a couple of days ago when he introduced himself as one of the officers who defended him on that fateful day,) Paul Gosar (the guy who accepts invitations to speak at racist and QAnon rallies who also spoke at the Stop the Steal rally before the insurrection,) Mo Brooks (who was just served with a lawsuit charging him with endangering the lives of his fellow members of Congress by inciting the riot,) drunken Dr Feel Good Ronny Jackson (Trump’s former White House “doctor”), and Scott Des Jarlais (the pro-life doctor turned congressman whose wife had 2 abortions and his mistress/patient had 1, making him a serial killer by his own definition.)

“Waiting for that first Juneteenth sale on bedding and appliances because you know it’s coming.” — Jelani Cobb

More irony coming out of Texas regarding Juneteenth: White parents are totally freaking out about schools teaching “critical race theory” which they don’t. They don’t want teachers talking about race at all because they’re afraid they’ll come out looking bad and their kids will be ashamed of being white. Slavery? Nope. The Civil War? Nope. The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments? No. Tulsa Massacre? Nope. The KKK? Nope. Jim Crow? No. The Birth of a Nation? Nope. Segregation? No. Emmett Till? No. The Birmingham Church bombing? Nope. The Freedom Riders? No. Black Power? Nope. Brown v Board of Education? No. The Civil Rights Movement? Only the watered down, saccharin versions of MLK and Rosa Parks that is already established. The Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act? Nope. Black Lives Matter? NO WAY. How will teachers in Texas explain Juneteenth if they can’t teach about slavery? As freaked out white parents keep showing up at school board meetings to complain to the managers about “I’m not racist, but….” It’s important to remember that there hasn’t been a single teacher who has actually studied Critical Race Theory and then taught it to their class, nor has anyone developed any racism lesson plans intended to get students to hate white people. They’re ranting about nothing. AGAIN. Any parent that shows up and threatens the school board over teaching racism is racist as fuck. They’re defending the indefensible.

Joe Biden met with Putin in Geneva and didn’t flirt with him. He carried himself with confidence because he is confident. He has done this before, not as president, but he knows the ropes. And he knows Putin. His only interest in meeting with him is to protect the interests of America and democracy. This gives leaders in the west confidence.

MAGAs give Putin a much higher approval rating than they do Biden. The dumbest people in the world love and respect a Russian dictator, a leader who isn’t even loved by his own people. They just pretend to so they won’t be thrown out of a high rise window.

“What we’ve seen over the last 4 years, and particularly since our election in 2020, is that we have people within our own country who are doing Putin’s work.” — Hillary Clinton

Tucker Carlson defended Putin on his show and said he posed “fair questions” when he talked about the US government killing Ashli Babbitt when he deflected from the questions reporters asked him about killing his own people. Tucker also claimed that the mob that stormed the Capitol weren’t actual insurrectionists but plants by the FBI.

Paul Gosar, one of the racist members of Congress who voted no on making Juneteenth a holiday, said in a House hearing that a Capitol Police officer was “lying in wait” when he shot and killed Ashli Babbitt after she tried to break down a door to assassinate members of Congress. He accused the cop of “executing” her and demanded that he be given his name. Paul Gosar’s brother went on CNN to apologize to the country for his bad seed sibling. Poor guy has to do that a lot.

Speaking of executions, the South Carolina Supreme Court has halted executions in the state until they can fine tune its newest method of killing prisoners, the firing squad! Target practice with human beings! Yee haw! God bless ‘Merika!

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