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4 min readDec 2, 2022


Former tax collector for Seminole County in Florida, Joel Greenberg, only got 11 years in prison. The judge said he’s never seen a defendant who was involved in so many crimes nor has seen that much cooperation. He could have gone to jail for 30 years. He must have given up some pretty big fish for that. He pleaded guilty to six federal crimes, including identity theft, stalking, wire fraud and conspiracy to bribe a public official. His attorney asked for leniency because his client has anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and when he was a kid he had ADD. Part of the case is still under seal because it involves federal and state investigations.

The Trump Organization trial has wrapped. During closing, Trump’s lawyers told the jury that Trump had a hit TV show, built buildings all around the world, and operated casinos. He was too busy and important to know about any tax fraud. The legal team disagreed that Trump knew anything about any funny business. “He was a deal maker and an innovator. He delegated all of the accounting functions to Weisselberg.” It’s all CFO Allen Weisselberg’s fault. Making sure that tax returns were accurate was his job.

Trump’s treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin, protected Trump from anyone getting ahold of his taxes. Congress has wanted them for several years but were told to fuck off. It took long enough, but now it has them but since there are only 4 weeks left of this Congress, there isn’t enough time for the Ways and Means Committee to do much with them. They should just go ahead and publish them so they’re out in the public and the media can hire their own auditors and publish the results. Then Trump can disagree with the fake news. Letting everybody have them would be way worse than Congress keeping control of them because making them public would humiliate Trump. He’s more afraid of people finding out he’s not as rich as he has been saying he is than any legal consequences because his ego is as big as Trump Tower.

Kanye West, like Trump, won’t go away. He appeared on Alex Jones’s hate speech/conspiracy theory YouTube show, InfoWars, the same show that Jones has been broadcasting threats and lies about the families of Sandy Hook from, wearing all black with his face covered. His new BFF, Nick Fuentes, was a guest on the show too. Kanye held up a net and a bottle of Yoo-hoo and did a mock interview with “net and Yoo-hoo.” Alex Jones claimed the British government created Hitler and that there is such thing as a “Jewish mafia.” Kanye said, “Hitler had a really good outfit and was a good architect and he didn’t kill 6 million Jews.” Alex Jones disagreed. “I think Hitler did target and kill some people.” Kanye disagreed. “I think Obama killed Palestinians. And Obama was not the first black president. He was another Jewish president.” Total and complete anti-Semitic crazy talk. Afterwards, the House Judiciary GOP deleted a tweet it posted on 10/6/22: Kanye. Elon. Trump.

Kanye West got kicked off Twitter again which was supposed to be impossible with “anything goes, free speech” Elon Musk in charge. He disagreed with himself.

Trump’s aids advised him against dining with Kanye West over Thanksgiving weekend but Trump disagreed because “he’s nice to me.”

Kanye only has one friend left — Nick Fuentes. They’re two sleaze in a pod, and never disagree with one another.

The 11th Circuit has disagreed with “Judge” Aileen Cannon’s order for a special master to review Mar-a-Lago documents. This means the DOJ can continue with its investigation and access all Mar-a-Lago documents. No more special favors, special treatment, special master. “Judge” Aileen Cannon’s legacy will forever be Trump’s limp cannon.

The Republicans are not only going to put an end to all House investigations into Trump, they are also going to try and discredit the Democrats in the process. Not because they disagree, but because they’re corrupt. They ran for their lives on January 6 right alongside the Democrats but that’s irrelevant now. They don’t want transparency, they don’t want cop killers prosecuted, they don’t want to defend democracy, they don’t want to uphold the rule of law…….for a reason. That’s why they’re going to create chaos and waste time in the next session of Congress. They’re going to do everything they can to keep the American people from finding out what that reason is.



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