Attorney General William Barr is supposedly announcing that Mueller will be concluding his report in a week. He has only been on the job for less than a week. How can he be up to speed on a 3 year investigation?

The Mueller “all done!” news was CNN’s news to break. It broke a day after they hired a GOP operative, not a journalist, to oversee political coverage and the 2020 election. If this news isn’t true, then CNN has played right into the Trump’s “fake news” hand.

If it is true, people are banging their heads against walls and bumping in to each other as they scratch their heads and mumble, “What the hell?”

How can Mueller be wrapping it up when the Saudi nuke deal is breaking, Roger Stone hasn’t had a chance to squeal like a greased tattooed pig at a swingers’ party, none of the Trump kids have been thrown into the public square to face justice, and Trump continues to obstruct justice right in front of our faces?

On the other hand, what if this news “broke” to get everybody all freaked out and preoccupied with trying to figure it out so Trump could feel victorious and relaxed so he won’t see it coming when the feds arrest him and his entire family all at once? Close your eyes, sit back, exhale and picture it. That’s America’s new “happy place” — picturing the Trump family being cuffed and hauled off to jail all at the same time.

Andrew McCabe is everywhere, promoting his book. This makes Trumpy grumpy.

When asked about the Gang of 8 not objecting when informed of an investigation into him, a heavily spray tanned, chill Trump said, “I think Andrew McCabe has made a fool out of himself over the last couple days. He really looks to me like a poor man’s J. Edgar Hoover. I think he’s a disaster.” Trump says disaster a lot because he doesn’t know very many words.

Trump tells his groupies that he knows a lot of words and they believe him because they don’t know many words either.

Speaking of bashing the FBI, law enforcement thwarted a domestic terrorist attack by a white nationalist and self-identified Trump supporter. He also happened to be a lieutenant in the Coast Guard, one of the agencies who got screwed by Trump’s shutdown. He was planning to kill a bunch of innocent people all at once. Law enforcement discovered 15 assault rifles and shotguns, ammunition, and growth hormones and steroids to get himself even more pumped up than he already is. He was planning to kill Democrats and journalists on MSNBC and CNN. Cops discovered he had Googled, “Civil war if Trump is impeached” and “Pro Russian Neo Nazi literature.”

Speaking of innocent people being shot and killed, here’s a short list of just some of the the people who were targeted by white supremacists in America while safe in houses of worship: Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018, Sikhs in an Oak Creek temple in 2014, African Americans in a South Carolina church in 2015, liberals in a Tennessee UU church in 2015. All acts of domestic, targeted terrorism by homegrown white men.

Right wing hatred is responsible for 2/3 of the terrorist attacks in America but let’s build a wall.

Save the date! Michael Cohen will appear before Congress next week, Feb 27, while Trump is away flirting with Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

Michael Cohen was granted a 60 day extension to report to prison. If that isn’t white male privilege staring us straight in the face, then cancelling 2 meetings with Congress because you don’t feel like it is.

Roger Stone has to appear before the judge who he posted a threatening photo of today. He may not get to go home, wherever that is. The house that he was arrested at in Florida is up for rent. There is a “For Rent by Owner” sign in the front yard. Roger that.

Hillary Clinton was right about everything. She was one of the most qualified presidential candidates we’ve had in a long time. Yet she is still being vilified. For WHAT?

“The question that’s coming into focus is how — with only slight exaggeration — Trump could be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kremlin and the Saudi Royal Family at the same time.” — Laurence Tribe

No American in history has betrayed the country as heinously or destructively as Trump. That’s a Republican hypocrite not so fun fact.

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