There is always a tweet

Hours after Trump credited himself for containing the coronavirus in the US by closing off the country to certain areas, “It’s never done before, and I did it early” he held a big important news conference so he could turn the whole public health crisis over to Mike Pence after talking about how unfairly he has been treated and slamming devout Catholic Nancy Pelosi on Ash Wednesday.

When reporters asked him to be more specific about the coronavirus, he bragged about getting all of the best people. Like Mike Pence? The guy who, while governor of Indiana, singled handedly made the HIV epidemic in his state worse by denying addicts clean needles? His first response to the crisis was to make a values judgement based on his religion. Those junkies deserve what they’re getting and need to find Jesus.

Mike Pence doesn’t like drug addicts. He doesn’t like gay people, either. He believes in conversion therapy because he believes that being gay is an abomination and disgusting lifestyle choice that is right there in the Bible. He doesn’t believe in climate change. If the planet floods he and Mother will catch a ride on the next arc. He’s doubtful that condoms work and is on record for saying that smoking doesn’t cause cancer. He wrote an op-ed in 2000 that said that people who smoke themselves to death is just “hysteria from the political class and the media.” One of Trump’s “best people.”

If a gay person contracts the coronavirus will Mike Pence deny them treatment on the grounds of religious freedom?

As far as the sinking stock market goes, Trump says the Democratic debate caused it, not people freaking out over the coronavirus that he has all the best people working on.

A new coronavirus case has emerged in Sacramento, California. This could be the first person to person transmission in the country and the patient may have infected others because they couldn’t be tested in a timely manner because they didn’t fit the federal criteria for testing. They had to wait days. Doctors said yes to the test and the feds said no because the patient hadn’t travelled to China or swapped spit with an infected person.

Japan has a new case of a reoccureence in the same person which means that the coronavirus could stay dormant after recovery and victims could be reinfected.

Italy has 400 cases of the coronavirus.

Friday prayers in Tehran have been cancelled. That hasn’t happened since the 1979 revolution.

France’s president Macron says the coronavirus is an epidemic.

Fox News says the coronavirus is possibly a Democratic plot to make Trump look bad and ruin the economy.

Trump has got it all under control. The best people. The best.

“The coronavirus outbreak is laying bare the pathologies of the Trump administration — which include compulsive lying, pandering to dictators, ideological aversion to “globalism,” inveterate hostility toward experts and expertise, and sheer incompetence.” — Max Boot

After bullshitting the nation that Mike Pence would take care of protecting them from a mysterious deadly virus he went back to his room, grabbed a Diet Coke and a bag of chips, took off his suit, turned on Fox News, flopped down in his Lazy Boy, and took to tweeter to complain that Comey spied on his campaign.

Trump’s campaign is suing The New York Times for libel over an opinion piece from March 2019 claiming that they falsely reported “as fact a conspiracy with Russia” in an article with the headline “The Real Trump-Russia Quid Pro Quo.”

“Trump has pushed the deficit to over $1 trillion, a 74% increase in just four years and we have nothing to show for it. No new infrastructure, no great social programs and virtually no CDC to protect us from the coronavirus epidemic. Trump has gutted us for nothing.” — Amee Vanderpool

“DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PRESIDENT during this emergency. Listen to the CDC. Listen to career federal health officials. Listen to international experts and scholars. Listen to doctors. Listen to major-media health journalists. But DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PRESIDENT.” — Seth Abramson

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