Don the Con: Prepare for Prosecution

Spike Dolomite
3 min readAug 11, 2022

Whatever the FBI took out of Mar-a-Lago, Trump has known about for awhile. He has been ignoring requests from the National Archives since May 2021. The FBI made their search 91 days before the midterms. Their policy is to not do anything like this less than 90 days before an election to avoid looking political and influencing voters. The law prohibits DOJ from discussing a search warrant that is under seal. Secrecy rules are designed to protect the person under investigation but most people don’t know so Trump is taking full advantage of that by making the raid look like an unjustified witch hunt.

Trump has the warrant and an inventory of what was taken. He could make that public but then he couldn’t play the victim and fundraise off it anymore.

Trump took the Fifth more than 440 times yesterday during his deposition in New York. He refused to answer any of the attorney general’s questions.

The Southern District of New York is investigating him for tax crimes, The New York Attorney General is investigating the Trump Organization for fraud, his niece, Mary Trump, is suing him for fraud, there is a class action lawsuit against him for ripping people off with his bogus businesses, Jean Carrol is suing him for defamation, protesters are suing him because they were assaulted by his body guards at Trump Tower, Michael Cohen is suing him for using his power as president to retaliate against him for writing a tell all book and putting him back in jail, a district attorney in New York is investigating his golf course in Westchester for tax crimes, the attorney general in Washington DC is investigating the misuse of his inauguration fund by overpaying the Trump Hotel $750,000, there are 2 lawsuits in Georgia for interfering with their in election, former Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is suing him for witness intimidation because he testified against him over trying to extort Ukraine, Congress is investigating him for inciting a coup and 11 members of Congress and at least 7 cops are suing him for almost getting them killed on January 6, and now the FBI has raided his “home.” Yet the twice impeached former president is a martyred hero to millions.

According to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), Trump has been credibly accused of committing at least 48 crimes while he was president or campaigning. There are a lot more that we either don’t know about yet because he hasn’t been charged, or he hasn’t gotten caught yet. Trump has committed so many crimes the DOJ won’t be able to get to them all nor do they have the time and resources to hold him accountable for all of them. Plus the statute of limitations are running out on some. He wasn’t charged for any of them while president because of the policy that a president should not be bogged down with legal troubles while he’s supposed to be running the country. That’s why he wanted to remain in power and it’s why he wants to run again — to escape jail.

We don’t know yet what crimes he has committed after leaving office. What information has he sold, to who, and why?

At long last, he’s losing his grip. Accomplices are flipping. Enablers are backing off. He can’t find competent legal counsel. It’s all closing in on him and he must prepare for prosecution. The only true support he has are his fellow corrupt Republicans and his mentally ill or criminal cult followers. Even his own family would throw him under the bus to save their own asses because that’s what Trumps do.

“Trump kept his hustle going for decades because people underestimated his capacity for corruption, criminality and cruelty. We reached this level of peril because too many didn’t believe he’d be this reckless and incompetent. No more doubt. Now we need maximum confrontation.” — Steven Beschloss



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