As expected, Bill Barr refused to give Congress the un-redacted Mueller Report so the Democrats have moved to hold him in contempt of Congress. They will vote on it tomorrow. Barr is playing games. He’s pretending to want to “negotiate” which means he wants to keep control and stall for time as the Trumptanic slowly sinks.

2% of the people have read the Mueller Report. 10% have read parts of it. Everybody else doesn’t know what the fuck is going on, and is either gorging themselves at the trough, stargazing on deck, partying down below or asleep in their cabins.

Where is Mitch McConnell as the Republicans go down with the Trumptanic? He’ll be taking to the Senate floor this morning to say it’s time to move on from the Mueller probe and call the “case closed.” He’s the captain of the ship. His port of call is the bottom of the ocean.

The Republicans could end up getting their guns taken away in the long run, not by the Democrats like they propagandize it, but by their fascist dictator, because they enabled it. Once he has complete control, he’s going to need their guns. No guns on deck.

Michael Cohen is in rich white man prison, Otisville in upstate New York. There are lockers to store personal belongings, washers and dryers for laundry, microwaves to heat up food and ice machines to keep cool. He’ll get to play tennis and horse shoes, eat off a menu, and leave on furlough for special occasions. Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator in the case that sent him there. Michael Cohen walked the plank for Trump.

Trump’s tool in the Treasury Department, Steve Mnuchin, defied another lawful request for Trump’s tax returns by the chair of the Ways and Means Committee. That makes him the second member of Trump’s cabinet to be in contempt of Congress. Man overboard? Not hardly. Women and children first (poor ones.)

New York Attorney General Letitia James has announced that her office has filed a lawsuit against the Trump Treasury Department and the IRS for failing to respond to legally mandated records requests.

Trump’s personal attorney and his campaign manager are in jail and Individual One is still president.

400 federal prosecutors, Republican and Democrat alike, have signed on to a letter saying that Trump would be indicted today if he weren’t president.

“The Trumpian idea that you’re the victim if you court the enemy while it’s attacking the country and law enforcement investigates you is *complete* baloney. I can’t believe I even have to say this stuff.” — Evan McMullin, a former CIA ops officer and a conservative who ran as an Independent for president and won in Utah.

Guns, guns, and more guns update: A husband and wife in their late 60s went grocery shopping in Tampa when the wife accidentally dropped her purse in the check out line causing her pistol to discharge, shooting her husband in the shin. A 13 year old boy was shot outside of his home and is paralyzed. 3 months ago, his 12 year old brother was shot by a stray bullet.

Trump gave the Medal of Freedom to his business partner, golfing buddy, and fellow pill popping philanderer who pays for hookers, Tiger Woods. In your face, American tradition and honor. Trump is in the crow’s nest.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Texas state senator, Bryan Hughes, has authored a bill that would make it illegal to drive seniors, the disabled or poor to the polls.

Trump will attend Melania’s “Be Best” anniversary celebration today and the press will cover it as if it is a legitimate thing.

The Trumptanic is sinking. Read the Mueller Report. It’s your ticket for a seat on a life boat.

“If I were a perpetual motion felony factory up to my eyeballs in laundered Russian mob money and charity scams and shady real estate deals, the last place I’d want is to be under the bright lights of the presidency — but I’m not a sweaty narcissistic shitfuck, so what would I know” — Jeff Tiedrich

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