Drag Queen Story Hour

The Republican Shit Show just got a whole lot more fun to watch. To no one’s surprise, a Brazilian drag queen, Eula Rorard, outed George Santos and his alter ego, Kitara Ravache, WITH PICTURES. Yep, George Santos embodies the absolute quintessential villainess to Republicans, the drag queen.

We’ve got criminals and insurrectionists in charge of stopping the investigations into the insurrection and them, and now we’ve got a freaking drag queen ON THE REPUBLICAN SIDE OF THE AISLE.


Democrats love drag queens, Republicans not so much. Now what are they gonna do? Lying, corruption, stealing, and fraud are one thing, but boys who like to wear girls’ clothes? They’ve made hating on trans people part of their brand. How will they rationalize this one? Oh! What a show this is gonna be! Pass out the smelling salts, drag show fans, and get some bottled Flint water for the Republicans because they are gonna faint and fall off the stage.

Like transgenders peeing, the Republicans made Drag Queen Story Hour a thing and now it’s going to backfire on them in the most delicious way. This show is going to sell out.

Republican Bryan Slatonhas jumped on the Drag Queen Story Hour rage by introducing legislation to ban minors from attending drag shows in Texas (but it’s perfectly fine to give children guns for Jesus’s birthday.)

Proud Boys like to get dressed up in camouflage so they can’t be identified, and stand outside of drag shows, drag brunches and story time just to terrorize people.

A right-wing radio host, James “Doc” Greene Sr, got banned from entering the Houston Library because he terrorized people. He got arrested when he showed up during Drag Queen Storytime with his gun to protest, not because he brought a gun into a library (unregulated, unrestricted guns are everywhere in Texas), but because he violated a no trespassing order.

Ohio state legislator, Candice Keller, blamed mass shootings on drag queen advocates, homosexual marriage, fatherlessness, pot, open borders and Barack Obama. Girl! Smelling salts!

Republicans make laws that make it a crime for trans people to even exist. They got the country all worked up about where trans people peed so that the media would “report” on that and not on them trying to overtake the government. They targeted trans kids — a teeny, tiny, itty bitty portion of the population — to freak people out so they’d believe that liberals were grooming children and mutilating their genitals. They’ve passed laws denying trans people rights and equal protections under the law.

QAnon nut Marjorie Taylor Greene actually believes that Democrats are pedophiles. Either Democrats are so good at secretly trafficking children and grooming them to be sex slaves that no one can catch them, or they’re not pedophiles. Whenever you hear about someone getting busted for pedophilia, trafficking children, or possession of child porn, it’s a Republican.

Robert Scott Morris, the assistant dean of Wave Leadership Christian College pleaded guilty to possession of 500 files of child porn. He gives a lot of money to Governor Glenn Youngkin in Virginia. Montana pastor of Morning Star Baptist Church was indicted for raping indigenous girls under the age of 12 on a reservation. Republican State Representative Mark Samsel of Kansas is a perv. And a substitute teacher. He totally flipped out when he was teaching at a high school and went off on a tangent about suicide, LGBTQs, sex, masturbation, and religion, and then kicked a student in the crotch and told another student to check his nuts. He got arrested. “Family values” state senator and local Trump campaign chair in Oklahoma, Ralph Shortey, is sitting in jail for child sex trafficking. The married father of four who supported laws that targeted LGBTQs got caught in a Motel 6 raping a teenaged boy. None of these sickos are drag queens. None of them are trans. They all present as straight, homophobic, Republican Christian white cis gender males.

Former congressman, and one of the only two Republicans who jumped the GOP ship, Adam Kinzinger, said that at the end of Trump’s presidency that the GOP was the Titanic. Trump stole women’s clothing to get the first boat out. He saved himself and abandoned ship, but he left the Republicans on the sinking ship, dressed in drag, confident that a life boat will appear and save them just in time. Hee hee hee hee hee — the iceberg is still there and nobody is coming to save them. The show is almost over.

While the Republic shit show continues to run on the American stage, members of the LGBTQ community are more out and proud than ever because they have a president who is evolving and has done a lot to not only protect them, but he has created space for them in the federal government. People who are openly trans have various jobs in government, even high profile ones. Trans candidates who won doubled in state legislatures in the last election. Biden signed an executive order that lifted Trump’s ban on trans people serving in the military. Biden restored health care protections for transgender people. For the first time in history, trans people have an ally in the White House. In a state of the union speech he told trans kids he had their backs. His VP, when she was AG of California, married two of the plaintiffs in the Prop 8 case as soon as it was struck down. She’s an out and proud ally and looks great in her sequin rainbow jacket that she wears during Pride Month.

Speaking of Pride Month, Biden issued a formal proclamation that June is Pride Month. On top of that, straight people are becoming better allies (Gen Z doesn’t even have to try). The LGBTQ community is outer and prouder than ever. We are progressing but it doesn’t feel like it because the Republicans are always pushing Democrats off the stage with their fake outrage and ridiculous antics. With Hakeem Jeffries as the new leader of the Democrats in the House, the Dems will get back on stage and push the Republicans off.

Break a leg, Republicans. Break both legs.

The fight about LGBTQ rights in Congress is one side wants to make laws that discriminate based upon their own personal and religious beliefs, phobias, and hateful prejudices and the other side wants to enact laws to protect ALL Americans regardless of whether or not the other side “approves.”

Does anybody have any pictures of Lindsey Graham in drag? Is that what Trump has on him? If so, please release them. That’s the only thing that would make this drag race to the bottom more delicious and fun.

Oh Lindsey! Show time!



Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.