Dumb Ass Tribe

In a month, Americans who received two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine can get a booster shot since the Delta variant and the anti-vaxxers are so dangerous. The MAGAs are killing themselves off. Even though they’re members of a dumb ass tribe, they don’t actually give a shit about the tribe. They just care about themselves, so it’s inevitable that they’ll end up killing each other.

After President Biden announced that booster shots will be available next month, Trump went on Fox to tell his tribe that the booster is just a scam. It’s not necessary. Pfizer is only offering it so it can make billions. He knows better. He was the president when the pandemic started but the dumb asses in his tribe don’t remember that. He was present in pandemic meetings when boosters were discussed.

Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends told their tribe that if they get Regeneron after they get infected with covid it’s “basically still getting vaccinated.” Anybody who takes medical advice from Fox and Friends deserves what’s coming to them.

Now we know why Ron DeSantis has been downplaying vaccines and masks, and up-playing the miracle cure Regeneron. His number one donor invests in it. If he can keep people sick in Florida, he can keep his number one money man fat and happy. The same thing is happening with Greg Abbott in Texas, too. They’re killing off their tribes to be the number one white man.

An unvaccinated second grade teacher in Florida got covid so now all of her students have to stay home and quarantine. Kids are falling behind in their schooling, exposing others to covid, and their parents are having to take time off from work to be home with them because covid has been so politicized that it’s every man for himself.

The family of the conservative radio talk show host who is one of the many right wing nuts who has played a part in promoting tribalism in America, Phil Valentine, wants everybody to pray for a miracle because he is in really bad shape in the hospital with covid. The miracle already came. It was the vaccine and he refused to take it and told all of his listeners not to take it either.

After Trump came along, people were confronted with the knowledge that friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors that they had known for years were bigots, racists, and sexists. After the vaccine came along, they were confronted once again with the bad news that people they had known and trusted for a long time, who they assumed were vaccinated because they’re reasonable, intelligent people, are not vaccinated. Whatever their reasons for not being vaccinated, they can’t ever look at them the same way. The Trump Plague has been a bummer. People getting really sick and dying, and people being dicks and lying.

The Navajo Nation is way ahead of the rest of the nation in vaccinations. They’re outpacing the rest of us in protecting themselves and each other. They’re over 75% vaccinated and whaddayaknow, they don’t feel oppressed — and they’re experts on government oppression. Since they’re members of a tribe, they understand and revere the interconnectedness of all things. They’ve already survived genocide and they’ll be damned if they’re going to let that happen again. As a societal people they genuinely respect each other. They’ve survived unbelievable horrors AS A COMMUNITY with their children at the center of the community. They would never use their children as political pawns. They depend on them to keep the tribe going. Everybody in the tribe is responsible for protecting ALL OF THE CHILDREN. Plus they don’t sit around and watch Fox News all day. That’s a dumb ass white man thing to do.

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