Just as Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer predicted, Republicans are exploiting young Kyle and turning him into a right wing hero. He’s loving all of the attention because he’s young and naïve and doesn’t get what’s really going on. He’s being used by really bad people. Getting away with murder and then getting thrown into the center of the hell hole reality of Trumpism isn’t going to end well for this guy. He may have escaped justice after killing 2 people but he won’t escape hell on earth. He’s living it right now and he doesn’t even know it. When he’s had enough of the Republicans he’ll discover that the Republicans will have had enough of him long before he ever figures out what’s what.

On the fourth day of America Fest 2021 in Phoenix, young dumb Congressman Madison Cawthorn took to the stage and told his audience of mostly young conservative college students, “I think you should home school. I was home schooled all the way through. I am proudly a college dropout. Unless you are becoming a doctor or lawyer or engineer, I highly encourage you to drop out.”

A US congressman is encouraging college students to drop out. Today’s Republican standard is no standard at all. The role models for young conservative males are Madison Cawthorn and Kyle Rittenhouse. Lock up your daughters, freemen! Don’t re-tread on me!

President Biden did his best to get these idiots to understand why it’s critical that they get vaccinated yesterday in a speech. Again. He’s a good dad and a good grandpa and a good president and a good person so he won’t ever give up on the 30% who are too stupid, selfish and arrogant to be responsible members of a democratic society. But the rest of us aren’t that good. We’ve had enough of their shit. We say let nature take care of itself. If covid doesn’t kill these idiots, the poison they will ingest to cure it will. Let nature take its course. They’re selecting themselves out. Enough!

Covid cases are up 640% in New York City because people are stupid.

Omicron has spread to Joe Manchin’s state, West Virginia. They have a 35% vaccination rate which means a lot of the unvaccinated people who will get this highly contagious variant of covid will more than likely die because they have permanent lung damage from working in the coal mines. The Build Back Better bill has provisions and benefits in it specifically for victims of black lung disease but Manchin is going to kill the bill which means he’s going to kill his own constituents. The United Mine Workers of America have come forward to tell Joe Manchin to knock it off and vote for Build Back Better. They’ve had enough of his hypocrisy. He is not only sticking it to his own party and the country with his two faced games with Build Back Better, but the guy was literally born into a coal miner family and is sticking it to the union now too. He is an honorary member of the United Mine Workers but he’s beholden to the coal companies. He’s always saying he knows what miners want. They want him to knock it off and pass Build Back Better. That’s what they want. The majority of people in his state want it too. West Virginia and America have had enough of Joe Mansion!

Everybody is disgusted with Joe Manchin except the Republicans. Mitch McConnell said, “We’d love to have him on our team.” If Manchin switches teams, the Republicans will have the majority in the Senate. Joe Manchin loves having all of this power. He can’t get enough of it.

The Republican team is the Republicans. The Democrats team is the country.

Trump announced that he’s going to hold a MAGA news conference on the one year anniversary of the insurrection, January 6th at Mar-a-Lago.

Democrats are getting anxious because Biden is not fixing everything that Trump fucked up faster. It’s only been 11 months! Cut it out! Stop with the whining and non-stop negative criticism. Biden and the Dems are making historical progress DURING A DEADLY GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Quit bitching about everything you’re not getting and focus on what we’ve got:

Today’s economy is the strongest economy of any first term president in 50 years, and that’s after a national lockdown due to a global pandemic that the former president made worse by lying about it so he could win re-election. Children are being vaccinated and schools are open (when Biden took office less than half of the schools were open.) All the smart people are vaccinated which has been great for corporate America and GDP growth. Every other incoming administration in the past 40 years never exceeded 2.74% until the Biden administration. The American Rescue Plan (that all Republicans voted against) put people back to work and kept the lights on and food on the table DURING A DEADLY GLOBAL PANDEMIC by pumping $66 million into 36 million households. Child poverty has been cut in half. Who else have ever done that? The jobless rate went from 6.2% in February to 4.2% in November. Biden created 4.1 million jobs in his first 6 months. $1 trillion will be invested in America’s infrastructure which is desperately needed and will create lots of good paying, union jobs. States have more money now than ever before. Biden has signed 75 executive orders to undo Trump’s messes that damaged human rights, the environment, public health, and national security. Climate change is a priority for the first time ever. The US is back in the Paris Accord and the World Health Organization. Damaged relationships with allies and world leaders are being repaired. The Afghanistan war is over and Russia is out of the White House. Biden pulled the country back from the brink and is now working towards saving democracy in general, yet the media won’t give him any credit for it. The Republicans are lying and saying none of this is really happening, and impatient Dems are unsatisfied because things aren’t happening as fast as they’d like. Enough!

Biden’s presidency is historical by any measure so shut the hell up about Biden not doing enough! ENOUGH!

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Spike Dolomite

Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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