Evolve or Vote Republican

Trump shut down his blog after one month because MAGAs are too lazy to read it. His ego couldn’t handle the humiliation of Petfinders getting more hits than his stupid, devolved blog.

While some states are bribing people with cash to get vaccinated, Joe Manchin’s stupid ass primordial state is giving away guns which explains why the senator from West Virginia is such a box of goo.

The Florida Department of Health Inspector General has found reasonable cause that employees were directed by Governor Ron DeSantis to lie about covid data, causing a “substantial and specific danger to the public’s health.” Survival of the fittest is a real crap shoot in Flori-duh.

Also in Florida, 2 young foster teens ages 12 and 14 ran away from the United Methodist Children’s Home that they were living and broke into a house where they discovered an AK-47, a pump shotgun, a handgun and 200 rounds of ammunition. The cops came and the kids opened fire. There was a shoot out for 30 minutes. The older teen got shot in the arm and chest. Both face felony charges of attempted first degree murder of law enforcement officers and armed burglary. To be so hopeless, callous and dangerous at 12 and 14 is an indicator of how unevolved the human species is. They aren’t taking care of their kids. The sheriff called the unwanted, unloved, out of control angry kids “evil” and blamed the juvenile justice system for not locking them up because they had been in trouble before. He also blamed the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, saying that faith groups needed to worry more about what’s going on in the pulpits in their churches instead of worrying about armed 12 and 14 year olds in the street. He didn’t criticize the missing parents or mention that an AK-47 can be found in any house. To do so would be too evolved.

Speaking of not being too evolved, Democrat in name only Krysten Sinema hung out with sleazy Texan Republican John Cornyn in Tucson for a border patrol briefing to hear about the big bad scary immigrants threatening to devolve their way of life. Krysten wore a really tight purple t-shirt so everybody would look at her boobs and hopefully forget about asking her why she blew off showing up to work to vote on the January 6 commission last week.

News just broke that Trump had the Justice Department secretly seize the phone records of 4 New York Times reporters who were part of a leak investigation for 4 months in 2017 to see what they had on him and Russia.

Single cell organism and Republican Congressman Mo Brooks is hiding from Eric Swalwell who has been trying to serve him with a subpoena for the insurrection lawsuit he has filed against him. As a fellow member of congress, he says that his life was threatened by Mo Brooks’ involvement in the attack on the Capitol. Swalwell had to hire a private investigator to find him because a single cell is hard to spot. More complex forms of life can walk, chew gum and not encourage a mob of hairy apes to overthrow the US government.

What are the hairy apes doing now that the pandemic is subsiding? Carrying on as they did before and refusing to get vaccinated.

It seems impossible that now that human beings on earth have lived through this pandemic while Trump was president that the evolution process hasn’t accelerated. Being forced to respect interdependence and other people, staying inside and watching the earth come back to life, having our faces shoved into the truth of the Republican party and seeing our democracy hanging by a thread, finding out that some relatives, friends, co-workers, and neighbors aren’t who we thought they were, has changed our brains forever, for the better. We’ve learned new habits and gained better perspectives. We’ve changed our behavior. We’re coming out of this more evolved and yet some of us haven’t learned a damn thing. Nothing has changed for them and that’s why they’re so scared. Things are changing all around them and they’re freaking out. Lashing out. They’re scared that if they accept change and progress that they will become extinct. More evolved life forms embrace change and progress. Not wanting change and progress is hard to understand for them.

It shouldn’t be hard to understand what motivates lower life forms when you think about the gullibility of QAnon believers and Fox News viewers. They’re motivated by fear, which is primal. And when you use your developed brain that accepts science to think about how blindly devoted these people are to a religion that has committed atrocities in the name of God such as genocide, torture, war, slavery, pedophilia, etc. for centuries, no questions asked, you can see how easy it is to justify anything.

It doesn’t feel like it most of the time, because progress is slow and there is so much negative nonstop scary shit vying for our attention every day, but things are changing pretty fast for the better. We are evolving. More women and people of color with various backgrounds and life experiences are being elected to office which is pushing policy and making laws that are more just. White people are waking up to all of the many crimes and injustices forced upon people of color that they never learned about in school and didn’t understand until now. They’re outraged and becoming better allies. The LGBTQ community is outer and prouder more than ever. President Biden issued a formal proclamation that June is Pride Month. People are ditching toxic Christianity. They are making better personal choices that have positive impacts on the earth, climate, and their fellow human beings. It took millions of years for us to crawl out of the ocean to get to where we are now. America is very, very young. She’s still striving to become a more perfect union.

Natural selection will sort things out. Too dumb to get the vaccine? OK!

The dumb ass amphibians refuse to jump out of the hot water while there is still time. They’re getting boiled alive as the Republicans turn up the heat. While the majority of us progress and evolve, the Republican party is overflowing in frog soup.

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