Coronavirus cases are on the rise and Trump could care less. He and his administration have lost all interest in pretending that they’re doing anything. The West Wing is in chaos and even though people are afraid to go to work they’re showing up without face masks because that’s what Trump wants them to do. The staff is freaked out and morale is low.

There are 50,000 new coronavirus cases a day. 13 states are on the rise. North Dakota only has 16 beds left in their ICUs. Republicans are flaunting their disdain for public safety protocols. Chief of Staff Mark Meadows removed his face mask when he went to talk to reporters and when of them gasped, he got pissed and stomped off saying he can’t talk with the mask on. Senator Mike Lee showed up to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing while still infected and showing symptoms. He spoke without a mask! Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley refused to be tested which means of course that they’re worried they might have it. Grassley is 87 and the third in line for the presidency.

Trump did a MAGA rally in Florida. Matt Gaetz and Governor Ron DeSantis were there. Nobody wore face masks. Trump mocked the coronavirus and threw masks into the crowd. Major news outlets aren’t sending journalists to travel with Trump on the campaign trail anymore because it’s too dangerous. (Cough) In your face, America. The Republicans don’t give a damn about you.

Kamala Harris attended the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing via teleconference and called Republicans out for being so irresponsible as to pack 50 people in one room who haven’t all been tested.

Amy McGrath debated Mitch McConnell last night and he laughed in her face when she called him out for screwing Americans by not letting the Senate vote on another coronavirus bill that would help people keep their jobs and homes. He tried to insult her by saying that all she’s got is “She’s a Marine. She’s a mom. And I’ve been there too long.” Wipe that smug grin off your face, Mitch. Your ugly, devious, creepy face.

Trump nixed a plan to mail every American face masks to slow the spread of the virus. Instead, he wanted to bribe seniors by sending them $100 “Trump cards” redeemable for cash right before the election.

Trump says that Joe Biden wears a mask to hide his face, not because he’s trying to set an example for the country or not spread the Trump Plague.

Investors are facing the music that the Dems could be in power soon so they’re snatching up renewable energy stocks. A blue wave and green new deal are coming.

Trump is doing MAGA rallies for his ego, not for votes. He needs the attention and adulation because he can’t face the truth — that he’s a loser and he’s going to lose the election, bigly.

MAGAs aren’t going to be able to face Trump losing because they live in a bubble that doesn’t allow for that possibility. They are absolutely convinced that he will win in a landslide.

Trump says he’s “immune” now from the virus and can do whatever he wants and go wherever he wants. He has a doctor’s note. Dr. Conley has totally lost face and blown his career for lying for Trump. He should lose his license for this.

Trump is enraged and desperate. He’s like a caged animal. He rips faces off so nobody dares face off with him. MAGAs won’t be able to face the truth that their cult leader will face jail time in January. They will never be able to save face after this is all over. They’ve got “Trump is a loser and so am I” tattooed across their faces forever. They’ll never be able to get him off.

Carly Fiorina endorsed Joe Biden — on Fox News. Trump made fun of her face while campaigning in 2016.

10 million people have already voted. That’s a record. They’re facing the covid dangers to stand in line for up to 10 hours to vote early because they can’t face another 4 years of this shit.

21 days until we get to vote — a face off between good and evil.

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