Hundreds of MAGAs showed up for a Fragile White Male Supremacist rally in DC to rail against Twitter, Facebook, Hunter Biden, the “media complex” and blue states. Speakers included Michael Flynn and his sister, the My Pillow Guy, and Alex Jones. Sister Flynn took to the mic to lead the crowd in a song, “God Bless America” but she didn’t know the words. White rage pillow talk (aka QAnon speak) with Fix News happened live while mean white people raged against democracy on stage. Interesting new twist — some speakers called for the destruction of the GOP for failing to overturn the election. Trump made Marine One fly over the sedition rally to take in the cult sights and sounds. There was a giant dystopian jumbotron with a banner that read Never Concede to Election Treason and a looped a video of their cult leader. Nobody wore masks. The Proud Boys wore yellow kilts without underwear and bent over, pulled up their skirts and revealed letters written on their butt cheeks that spelled out FUCK ANTIFA. These guys have to pledge to not masturbate to be in the club but they can write on each other’s bare butts and let their junk hang out in public to make the point that when you’re white and male you can get away with anything.

Merchants sold Stop the Steal hoodies.

Marchers chanted, “Fox News sucks!”

Congressman-elect Bob Good of Virginia stood before the pathetic white supremacist crowd wearing a MAGA hat and told the assembled, “This looks like a group of people that gets it. This is a phony pandemic!”

Melissa Carone, famous for making a fool of herself about election fraud in front of Congress, made an appearance as well but she was sober so she didn’t say much.

Alex Jones told the crowd that Joe Biden will be removed, one way or the other.

Republican Jesus was there.

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio says he got invited to the White House before the rally so he showed up, stood back, stood by, and bragged about it on Parler.

After the sun went down the Proud Boys torched a BLM banner they stole from a 184 year old Methodist church. Religious liberty and freedom only flows in one direction as far as the Proud Boys are concerned — theirs. 4 people got stabbed and 1 person got shot. Lots of cops showed up but they didn’t gas anybody or shoot into the crowd with rubber bullets or slam anybody into the ground before arresting them because the crowd was all white.

Christmas is going to suck this year. Not only because of Trump, the Trump Plague, the Trump Party, and Trumpism, but a lot of Americans are so broke they can’t afford Christmas and a whole lot of people are sick or dead. 5 times as many Americans have died from the Trump Plague in 9 months than did the Vietnam War over an 11 year time span but elected Republicans, MAGA cult followers and the Proud Boys don’t believe it.

Kelly Loeffler took a selfie with former KKK leader, Chester Doles, the guy who runs the white supremacist group, American Patriots USA. In 1993 he nearly beat a Black man to death. In 2017 he marched in Charlottesville. Message to Proud Boys, white supremacists and Nazis: Vote for me!

3,000 people a day should die for the next 90 days and that’s with a vaccine. The virus could end up killing 650,000 people in a year but elected Republicans, MAGA cult followers and the Proud Boys don’t believe it.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Americans who are pissed off at the government for ordering lockdowns are fleeing the country except all countries have closed their borders to the US so they’re sneaking into Mexico. America isn’t sending its best.

“Imagine if in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 George W. Bush denied that it happened, said it was New York’s own fault and refused to mobilize efforts to clean up the wreckage and identify bodies/survivors. Now imagine that happened every single day for an entire year.” — Jules Suzdaltsev

38 days until science, decency and common sense can stop the steal.

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